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  1. Rhule HAS to take a QB and everyone in-house knows it. I’m telling you, the Sam Darnold flub will go down as one of the sport’s worst decisions in a very long time.
  2. Ever need to check the potential racist sect of the huddle, check this posts poo list. My god.
  3. Yeah, but, nobody really refers to Native Americans as (non-dot) Indians. Lmao.
  4. Yup. Wouldn't be surprised to see NO and ATL bouncing back to competiveness well before the Panthers.
  5. Oh, we’re comparing mcadoo to champions. Huddle on that poo again.
  6. Jake was… Jake, due to in large prime Steve Smith ripping the league.
  7. "Sam h8trz" What in the flying fug is this even supposed to imply?
  8. And you lot thought a turnaround can be done in an offseason lmao. This team is trajectory to replace the. Browns of old. clench your butts
  9. Cam needs to be as far away from this dumpster fire as humanly possible.
  10. Weird. Felt like TB dunked on the pass defense all day. Granted the front 7 did very little to offset this.
  11. Lmao. Honestly thought "We will rock you" was about to about to be said.
  12. Hanes Mall. That's a name that rushes in nostalgia. But to your point, yes fully agreed. I wasn't ready 2 years ago. I am now. Someone in the GameDay thread mentioned how this franchise must be foreign to him now. Which smacked me in the face with the accuracy of that statement.
  13. Heinous to not let the man in for the red zone plays. He's hitched his entire career to Sam, so let him ride that bitch to the sunset.
  14. When the bill for TepperWorld shows on his invoice
  15. Lolwat. I don't recall that. But if it's true renouncing one's fandom has never been so easy.
  16. Up until the tail-end of Cam's career he became an active poster again lol. At this rate, retiredfootballracist will peak out from his turtle shell too.
  17. Not sure what this proves or disproves.
  18. I totally endorse Sam Darnold the Quarterback. Surround him with an AVERAGE OL and you got yourself a diamond in the rough. - totally not lying football fan
  19. So you did say something so asinine. Awesome.
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