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  1. I miss prime Chad. 2000s football was peak football in my opinion. Fun teams to watch EVERY night.
  2. Hated the Horn pick, now I know why I’m an armchair GM
  3. Marshall has to make those tough catches man. Smith makes that grab in his sleep. edit-- coulda sworn that was DJ. Is he out?
  4. This forum is so fuging weird man
  5. Good god this Jets team is mega trash. Perfect game to get a QB like Sam some confidence.
  6. All Sam had to do was get the ball there, Anderson had his man beat at the TOP of a route by like 5-10 yards.
  7. I would not lose any sleep if Moore walked and Roby is retained. Dude has bunnies.
  8. Ignore Brooklyn, he’s a cuck
  9. naaaah, huddle posters are literally in glee about this news.
  10. imagine being so miserable that you fuging find joy in this. This fanbase is still trash tier.
  11. He might not like the front office or the coaching staff.
  12. “It pretty much is unanimous except for the people reporting differently” like Ben Allbright. You don’t have to lie to bolster your claims man. Just say you put more faith in the copy and pasted tweets from local reporters. You might be vindicated later. The problem is you want credit for being right when it’s not settled, that’s all.
  13. The reports are conflicting. It’s not unanimous and the Panthers have no incentive to confirm interest if they have any. Local writers got their marching orders and we’ll see where it goes from there.
  14. Yeah this season a wash til we get an OLINE, FET and Rhule shat the bed
  15. This team is a QB injury away from a tank-a-thon lol
  16. Said he’d be out the league in 3 years.. once this season flops dude is getting chip kelly’d real fast
  17. It’s what he’s supposed to do. He has all the talent in the world but the question was could he physically get the ball from a to b. Cam’s doing a great job of it tonight. He looks great.
  18. 13-19 for 87 yards is good. That’ll get you a 63 million dollar deal in Carolina.
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