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  1. Hey how did you switch off of messageboard mobile?

  2. thanx that is what Ill do...ure the man

  3. lol canadians can only sell beer in those
  4. isnt it my luck? kurb is working on my avatar problem but i think I am the only one who has the problem...guess the huddle Gods did not approve of my asses

  5. not working still. I think it is disabled for some usernames

  6. ya i pmed him...no response...send me a link to the avatar u put up and ill try and see if that works

  7. i saved the image and resized it...still didnt work...

  8. awesome about the baby...mine was 6 lbs 13 ounces...she is like 10 lbs now...good times

  9. how did u get a new image on ure avatar? it is still not working for me

  10. i was just joking dont spaz

  11. lol its ok...becareful tho...u cant change avatars right now

  12. i still love ure avatar lol

  13. u groaned me for saying we should neg rep saint j to smack? lol

  14. lol why did u post 2 google map threads?

  15. i was just messing around buddy...ill keep u informed on the wrestlemania thing..

  16. once tickets go on sale ill let you know. Your not one of those messageboard guys that act like a bad ass on the internet but are a big pussy in real life?

  17. i was thinking about it actually...wanna come? :D

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