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  1. Hi dbeat, sorry to bother you, I was checking your wallpaper thread and find this one 


    I wonder if you still have the original picture without the schedule? It seems the link you provided is invalid now. Just wanna ask, it would be fine if you didnt save it. Thanks.


  2. This is a great season anyway, I actually prefer the color photos even we lost the SB.
  3. To support you to have a Super Bowl trip, I officially decide to join the All Pro!
  4. wow, good to have you here anyway, cant hate you today.
  5. Go Panthers, beat the poo out of Arizona!!! Let me have some sleep first and see you guys in the morning.
  6. Actually I'd like to kick Brady's ass in the SB to see his fuging loser face.
  7. My neighbors will treat me as idiot if they hear me yelling in English at 7:40 AM here on the Monday morning in my country. But I'm happy to be treated as such an idiot.
  8. As you have watched more Cardinals game than all of us, how do you think about Palmer's chance of playing in a cold weather against our D?
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