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  1. 10 is mighty generous for their rankings. Bet we barely scrape the top 15.
  2. ST definitely almost cost us a couple of times yesterday. Hopefully they can work out the kinks.
  3. Top 3-5 for sure. Could be the best if we play for 4 quarters consistently.
  4. I don’t deny his heart, only the depth of his plank.
  5. CMC isn’t the issue when you have guys like Ian Thomas who are supposed to be setting up a block and getting tossed around like Gimli at Helm’s Deep.
  6. One game, but sure. People were complaining about our return game, I was just raising a valid question. Cooper wasn’t bad. Not earth shattering but better than what we’ve had.
  7. Still better than anything we had for the last 7-8 years prior.
  8. What was wrong with Cooper, again? Seemed like his upside was moderate at worst if the price is right.
  9. One of my favorite seasons to watch. That defense was a force.
  10. “HOw R u GonA fEeL wHeN DaRnOlD iZ nOt nAmED CApt?!?”
  11. Some things are bigger than football. Praying for everybody in the path of the storm.
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