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  1. Good. This team has needed a solid peace at OL since 2014. It’s time to draft one early.
  2. “Success takes time” for you simple bitches
  3. Exhibit A as to why it doesn’t matter who we put in at QB. This line is ass.
  4. Don’t worry. We will find a way to win our last meaningless game and then everyone can complain about how we ruined our premium draft position.
  5. California, please go sit in the corner and eat your glue like a good little girl.
  6. Definitely agree on the fan base. Your heart is in the right place but your thesis is a little off.
  7. Why anyone thinks starting anyone at QB let alone the shell of Cam is going to make a difference in this poo show is beyond me. Plenty of reasons to be angry but Cam not getting the start should be far down the list.
  8. You haven’t been around long if you’re donning Sam with the “worst in franchise history.”
  9. Thread after thread = two Counting not your specialty either? I’ll consider the cohort and not give you a hard time.
  10. Not sure what biases you’re seeing from me saying all of our QBs are dog water. Seems pretty level to me but think what you want to think. As long as you’re thinking that’s a step in the right direction.
  11. I’m not making anything about Cam. The entire fan base showed its character booing the guy after coming back from an injury when we’ve been dog ass for the last several weeks without him too. Cam or PJ for that matter is simply a reference point for folks like yourself to place some context on your bitching because you refuse to see past your biases.
  12. Got raked over the coals for saying this. I genuinely loathe our fan base.
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