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  1. No military personnel in the building apparently. That poo would never fly.
  2. It’s just a bad look with the timing when all everyone is talking about is your contract and then as the talk dies down so does your production. I don’t consider it a coincidence. I feel like he told himself he’s going to make Fitt feel it until he caves for a new contract and when Fitt didn’t buy his bluff he was content with taking his franchise tag and moving onto a new scene in 2025. But that’s just my tinfoil hat logic.
  3. I feel the same way about Bryce. I wanted CJ. Check my receipts.
  4. Dude turned on the gas for the first two games of the season and has been pretty much napping ever since.
  5. That’s fair. If they fall then that’s our top priority. If not then idk how anyone would argue against O-line either. We don’t seem to have much success drafting edge rushers in the second so I wouldn't waste a pick there.
  6. We need a pass catching TE that can also mitigate some pressure when asked to block. Every successful team in the modern NFL has one of these it seems.
  7. This organization will remain a joke until Tepper sells the team or takes a dirt nap unfortunately.
  8. Didn’t he have a decent rushing attack at Bama? Maybe I’m making this up but I thought CJ Stroud had a lot lower rushing numbers than Bryce.
  9. Ok. Show me some stat comparisons to back up your claim.
  10. He was great. But not better. CMC brings another dimension to the passing game that Foreman lacks.
  11. I was under the impression his name was pronounced “Rike.” Did he just say he has tremendous respect for Frank “Ryche?”
  12. 6-6 is improving greatly? Tell me you’re biased without telling me you’re biased.
  13. Greg is natural in the booth. Wouldn’t want his legacy tarnished here as it most undoubtedly would be.
  14. That’s a damn shame. Like salt in the wound if true.
  15. I thought he was leaning Stroud based off the Ohio State visit but do we have any viable proof on that matter?
  16. Oh I know this. My question was rhetorical. I’m used to being told I don’t know anything and later sitting back and watching the crow eating fest.
  17. Why did most on here feel the same way? According to the majority of this board, Stroud wouldn’t excel in the league because he didn’t score well on a test and they were sold on Bryce being some generational talent.
  18. Thank you, Hurricanes for keeping the Carolinas from being a complete dumpster fire of the sports world.
  19. Real talk. Some of y’all need Jesus anyway.
  20. Careful. I said this after week 1 and got raked.
  21. Well the owner is a clown so it’s only right we got a fish to match.
  22. The only franchise that out plays themselves more is Buffalo
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