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  1. Struggling with mental health does not make you a nut case. I could have missed something but I don't see "nut case" behavior
  2. Looking like my next jersey purchase!
  3. I would as well but as a backup I'd rather have Kyle Allen or Heinicke then either PJ or Grier(when he was here). Hindsight 20/20 and everything....I suppose Heinicke didn't show a ton when he was with us in limited action either.
  4. That's two big games he has shown up in.... Great story. Wish him the best!
  5. Time for Tremble, Christenson, Brown. Honestly....what could it hurt lol
  6. It's all well and good to say we're going to limit CMC's touches until teams start blitzing/pressuring us and he comes out wide open for a short pass or abuses an LB in coverage and is wide open in the middle on every play. The guy catches everything and runs through people..... He really is the ultimate safety blanket. It's hard to stop using him when it just works so much lol. If we are ever up a couple scores late yeah give him a break but otherwise feed the man.
  7. I have read that he is a good pass blocking RB. That could be something they felt they were missing in our current group?
  8. Reading nothing but good things about him from Bills fans. There is ALWAYS room for young talent on the d-line. Especially if they play ST like he does our staff seems to love that
  9. I don't hate giving Hubbard a shot at that multiple times there. See what he has. Wish he would have gotten in
  10. Aside from obviously Sam I want to see Horn bad. A good confidence builder INT to go into the season. I'm intrigued by Chuba as well. Arnold after having a season of nothing at TE as well to see if Brady can use a decent TE
  11. Well that's just straight up false. Assuming Terrace is #3 you have David Moore who has proven to be a quality NFL depth WR, Kirkwood who again is a reasonably talented depth NFL WR and then Shi Smith, Saunders, etc showing flashes in camp. What do you want, 6 1000 yd guys? This has the potential to be the best WR group we have ever had
  12. PFF is a tool just like any other....I rarely actually see anyone say "PFF IS THE END ALL BE ALL" people that disregard it entirely are foolish. The level of tracking and in depth analysis they provide is absolutely useful, especially over many games/ larger sample sizes. Def more accurate the huddle overreaction eye test I'd say I liked Robinsons game, the advanced stats backed it up. It's cool to see a guy with a different path make some waves
  13. Justin Fields is going to do some good things and bad things and y'all need to come to terms with all of them lol. It sounds exhausting to not just cheer for your damn team and constantly look at what ifs. Criticism is one thing but good lord
  14. Guys the colts are a pretty darn good football team...in fact their defense may be one of the best ones we play all regular season. I don't think it's surprising which positions did well and which didn't lol.
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