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  1. Wouldn’t it be something if the hurricanes get two Stanley cups before panthers get one Super Bowl? Might happen
  2. In other news, Hurricanes put up 7 on the Bruins in their home.
  3. He made it to the NFL. I would say he made out pretty well. So if that’s being a loser I would gladly take it.
  4. I swear we traded him away. These damn old topics that are brought back to life!
  5. It’s really going to get bad when my kids start looking at me and saying “daddy why are the panthers so bad?”
  6. Please lose this game. I don’t want another win that is meaningless
  7. You know. Everyone will feel Much better when you just don’t give a crap anymore.
  8. I have checked out months ago. I don’t give two shits anymore. I rather go outside and watch grass grow.
  9. I don’t care anymore. At least the hurricanes are playing good.
  10. I bet we couldn’t beat good college football team.
  11. Who gives a poo anymore. Go Hurricanes!
  12. Who here has reached a point where they just don’t give two sh*ts anymore?
  13. I mean…who is surprised? Man has incredible talent but cannot stay healthy
  14. Superbowl against the Broncos is what made me put on the tinfoil hat. The blatant head hunting hits on Cam and no calls. NFL wasn’t going to make their Golden boy not retire without a ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if Duke wins the NCAA this year, since it’s coach K outgoing party. Watch
  15. Haha. This team is crap, back to watching the Hurricanes 14-2 by the way.
  16. I be pissed off if I actually cared about the team. Right now I don’t give two sh*ts about them. Put a horrible product on the field, I will use my time elsewhere.
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