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  1. Just to understand, are they claiming the firm running the RH project (which I believe was a Tepper firm IIRC) was just taking money out of the Panthers to line his own pockets? If so that's messed up, and the NFL should look at Tepper immediately. That's some poo I expect from Dan Snyder.
  2. Though he had a decent year with LV last year. Had 34/571/3 last year. Came up big for the Raiders in some situations. Might be a player to look out for when we play them.
  3. I mean it worked out in the end. He was a good corner, just not top end money good.
  4. We know how bad Sam has been, and Walker isn't much better. Does Corral have a decent shot to win the job?
  5. Gotta let Rhule have his Baylor/Temple pick.
  6. Called it (albeit it about a round later) I knew Hurney couldn't resist
  7. He reminds me a lot of Tony Romo. Same play style, both quick releases, smaller stature, and Sadly could be injure prone as well.
  8. I can live with that. If we suck next year I'm confident Fitt would trade down in the 2nd and recoupe
  9. Went out a got a great oline coach Got 3 new linemen DJ and Robbie are still there CMC coming back with Chubba and Foreman backing him up This is possibly as good as it gets for Darnold. If he can't produce, he should retire.
  10. Ah hell, Atlanta just pick the next Mike Evans.
  11. Trade down in the early teens, Pickett
  12. We need to ask the following questions -What went into the decision to keep Matt Rhule for another year? -What are the expectations for this season? -What will become of Panthers HQ? -What really happened into the pursuit of Deshaun Watson
  13. That would require us having to pay him as well, and we already gave Moore a bag.
  14. I don't get it either. Why even attempt to cross an interstate? Call a friend, call triple a, call an Uber and figure your car situation out tomorrow, heck doesn't the NFL have a hot line for this kind of stuff (mostly for being drunk tho). Regardless tho RIP, prayers to the family.
  15. I rather do it with the Packers. Both their 1sts, 1 of their 2nds, next year's 3rd, and Jordan Love should be enough. You address the QB situation by giving Daronld competition , and if Love works out a long term solution, picks to use at both D-line and O-line, and a 2nd for additional depth. Packers can go and get Aaron Rodgers on the of the best WRs in the class (Wilson, Olave, etc.)
  16. Stephen Jones wouldn't let that poo happen either.
  17. Panthers.com or Panthers twitter account. Also if I know Rashad and Dave, PNP will be live streaming it as well.
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