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  1. My money is on Cam being the back up at that point. I give it til around week 5.
  2. This. If you're gonna use a blocking TE why not Kris Mangum?
  3. I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna take some getting use to to see DB's wear single digits.
  4. And his last name is Little. I'm not drafting another Little in the 2nd round.
  5. I was talking more about how he could shut one side of the field down at anytime. Either way you have him at 1 corner, I do think Pride Jr will get a lot better this year so that's the other, I like to see Donte do more slot this year, Chinn on the back end, and Brown, Reddick, and Burns on the front 4? That's a hell of a defensive squad.
  6. So they pretty much drafted Richard Sherman. Disappointed tha Sewell didn't fall, but this defense is gonna be lit in about another year.
  7. Sean Payton has a serious hate boner with us, more than the other 2 teams in the division
  8. In comparison the Jets' offensive line was 29th in the league. Huge step u for Darnold but still not that great.
  9. Doesn't matter, when your 6'6" 240 you can out muscle for receptions. Hell KB did this a lot. He never got good separation but damn if he didn't come down with the ball majority of the time.
  10. Problem as far I seen Howell is the only surefire 1st round QB. There is Rattler from OU and I think maybe JT Dainels out of UGA has a good shots as well, but Howell is the only dude I see for next year that has true franchise potential. I would like to get a good look at Kellen Mond tho. He reminds me a lot of Tannehill and everything I heard wrong with him could probably be fixed by coaching.
  11. Damn, Luke turned full on FO guy in just under 2 years. That's something I would expect a veteran FO guy say.
  12. Can you elaborate how bad it was? Was the ball to wobbly? The delivery? I'm just checking.
  13. I like the decision if true. Adam Gase is notorious with running players, hell look at Anderson. Pedestrian with Gase, damn near all pro with us. I like to see what he does with a good coaching staff.
  14. Well....... he's faster than Tom Brady was.
  15. You would be surprise how many people would cut nose to spite face. Jan 6h proved that.
  16. Actually looking at the board I can't see a snerio where all the Qbs will be gone Jags gonna Lawrence Jets, we don't know. They may want to move on, but I feel like they would take the once in a lifetime tackle in Sewell Miami is definetly gonna pick Smith to reunite him with Tua Falcons will probably pick a QB (probably Fields) Cincy will probably take the tackle out of Northwestern (heard he's rising) Eagles, Luire said they're all in on Hurts for now Lions have no WRs they'll take Chase Giants seems to want to give Jones one more chance so they
  17. Either this is the biggest smear campaign in NFL history, or Watson is clearly guilty of something.
  18. Man it's close, but as of right now I have to go with Melo. Melo may legit get the Hornets in the playoffs when most of us though if they do make it, it would be an 8th seed at best. Hornets could legit end up a top 4 seed.
  19. So not even 2 hours in we're already in Family Dollar Fitterer mode.
  20. I know he's currently injured, but when healthy he is a good LT. Something to think about?
  21. 2007 netted us Beason (3 time pro bowler), Kalil (5 time pro bowler) and Johnson (best DE to never make the pro bowl). Rosario was also a decent TE just highly mis-used
  22. Expected. The way this offseason is going with the reduce cap, look for more tags and cap casualties. Risky to sign a long term deal with the pandemic.
  23. Since Rozier broke outa nd Monk finally coming around, Graham is on the outside looking in. What do y'all think we can get for him?
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