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  1. Conner Williams is a FA guys. Should we try to sign him or nah?
  2. If that's the case, Houston should just make him HC
  3. Scottie Fuggin Montgomery. This is got to be a joke right? Can't push the franchise back fast enough Rhule?
  4. I can tell you why that approach is BS, because of Nick Sirianni. He took over a 4 win Eagles team, who took on major dead money from Carson Wentz, had a poor oline, questionable QB play, and a aging defense, and still won 9 games and took them to the playoffs. A good coach can at least make this team competitive.
  5. He talked to the media after making a major decision. Tepper's decision to keep Rhule requires some explanation.
  6. I mean hell, even Stephen Ross met with the media after firing Flores to explain himself.
  7. I've been high on Pep Hamilton for a while. I though dude would be a HC after like 13-14 season but then Pagano had to fug poo up in Indy. I would love to have him on the Panthers, if we got rid of Rhule and brining in a new staff. To quote the recently retired Pat Coletrain "Not like this"
  8. If there is anything positive from today, even if Rhule isn't fired, he is getting a lotta of smoke today that he wasn't getting all season. He's probably gonna be on the hottest seat next year if we don't fire him, especially with all of this OC rockstar poo.
  9. Stephen Ross is a Michigan man, and they are rumors that Jim Harbaugh wants back in the NFL.......
  10. I mean outside of the whole jock thing, is that really much different than Rhule?
  11. Wait, they're getting rid of Spielman too? Anyone who has a GM opening needs to hire this man NOW.
  12. Here's a name I just thought of, Matt Nagy. Dude is gonna get fired, has HC experience, and if things do go south, Nagy is a good coach to tank with.
  13. Speaking of Kelvin Benjamin, when I was watching the Steelers last night (and honestly throughout the season), I couldn't help but think of Kelvin Benjamin when I see Chase Claypool play. It's literally like they are the same player.
  14. 1. McCaffrey will not fetch 2 1st. At best you might get like a 2nd or 3rd rd. Pick due to his contract and injury history 2. Too much dead money if we do trade him.
  15. Let's also not forget that since he left Baylor, they won the big 12, beat 5 ranked teams. I question if Matt Rhule was holding Baylor back.
  16. Y'all we need to ask this question, is Baylor better without Matt Rhule?
  17. This is just a pooshow at this point. This season can't end fast enough.
  18. Outside of Rae Carruth of course. I don't think I ever seen the fanbase hate one man more than people hate Matt Rhule.
  19. Are they even playing Book? Wouldn't Siemian be off Covid by then?
  20. You see Tepper, it's OK to admit you fuged up. Now do what must be done and fire Rhule.
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