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  1. Hey Zod, why can't I post a thread? Trying to share a video...

  2. No, thank you for understanding! Only real fans would! Thanks man!

  3. I'm not your bro. I don't comment on your every single post. Grow up. You're doing a lot for your credibility right now. I'm sure professionals who take themselves seriously lash out at their critics by using their pics on an internet site as revenge. Yeah, you're an insider. I know you wish you had a real life, but hiding behind your keyboard is so much safer and hides all your weaknesses... You can pretend you're someone you're not. Awesome. But, leave me out of it. This is the last time I'm telling you.

  4. mature grown adult? what's the point in it?

  5. Remove my pic from your profile creeper.

  6. Dammit, Fiz. Just can't find enough fans of Purple Rain anymore.

  7. So, you don't find my facial hair to be fashionable then? LOL, Man, I got caught in the crossfire there...

  8. Fiz, why did you just post a pic of me towards NJP in that thread?

  9. You talking about the reported amount he was given? Yeah, I lol'd that... Because it wasn't that steep IMO, especially if he was our #1 target, that was a reasonable price. I don't think I would've given him 6 years though.

  10. Definitely, appreciate it man!

  11. lol because I speak the truth! Thanks man.

  12. LMAO *slow clap* I can't wait lol

  13. lol, I figured it was man! No biggie, I just didn't know if I said something neg worthy lol... it's cool.

  14. why the neg rep?

  15. Great. fug you homer.

  16. Thanks for all your contributions on the field and off the field as well! And thanks for posting on here and giving a pro's perspective! Your jersey was my first Panther's jersey I had ever bought with my own money. Thanks for everything and continued blessings and success man!

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