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  1. All he has to do is win two games and we will be heading in the right direction right now. I am sorry to say.
  2. Ok Then, we are all behind you. Just go tell the boss
  3. The more I hear..... makes me want to give up. Thankfully I have gone to other live sporting events and really enjoyed. Davidson -UNCC,last night and Grimsley - Weddington playoff football game last week. It's better than anything else I have seen from Temp.
  4. I will not bleed black and blue knowing that he is the owner. I have seen enough. I could have been all in with a Charlotte guy coach and tough team that no one would like to play.
  5. I wish someone would ask if he is thinking of selling or how does he think he has done? He really needs to hear some criticism.
  6. Yes, usually the fan base will come back with the hope that someone else can do better. It want work this time. At least for me. I just don't like the guy.
  7. I thought we could have built on to what Wilks was doing. Just me, I hope Teppers never win another game
  8. He has 20 billion dollars dollars and he played flag football in middle school.
  9. If this is a big loss, I don't think we can get any lower. I will not express my feelings to you guys or anyone else about it. Only way it helps,I guess, you can let it out. It's like working for a bad managed company
  10. I am not an expert. But I have seen enough football to know that they played tough. Maybe ugly, but I kinda like,hide the women and children football.
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