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  1. tbh this may be the most concerning thing about Bryce... maybe I just want that Cam energy again, but Bryce is wayyyy too chill sometimes. It's hard for me to see him taking command of a locker room.
  2. Seems like a dome isn’t part of the plans. Retractable roof would be way better than a dome… could still have the sunny day games with skyline views , but could also get Super Bowls and Final Fours played in Charlotte. That would be awesome if you ask me. But totally get not wanting a dome!!!! I definitely prefer an outdoor stadium 100%
  3. The Raleigh nonsense is just that, nonsense. The Panthers are never moving to fuging Raleigh. Take a lap.
  4. Has it been confirmed that it’s going to be a dome?
  5. Baltimore......blue crabs....crab cakes.... never been to Maryland?
  6. Ok cool… lemme start posting Duke basketball threads on here and see how everyone and the mods react. Thread should be move is all… and yes … UNC has always been a snake in the grass.
  7. Typical UNC fan. Take a lap. This is Carolina Panthers board and there is a college sports page on here. Take this elsewhere.
  8. UNC is and will always be a snake in the grass…. fug them and fug this thread. Can we get this moved mods?!
  9. This pick should’ve been Cooper Beebe … This would be my only gripe of Dan Morgan’s first draft.
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic. One good year out of 5 at South Carolina has me concerned. He's raw for sure...strong and fast...the skill set is there but needs to be polished around the edges; route running seems mediocre and has some drops. But if our coaching staff believes they can develop him into an NFL stud WR like DK Metcalf or similar, then I'm all about it. Hopefully he pans out...
  11. The Huddle seems to love the pick. So for that, I hate it! jkjk let dan cook
  12. This one's a head scratcher... I'll reserve judgement though and trust Dan with LB pick I suppose.
  13. It was an April Fools joke you foooools @LinvilleGorge has lost all credibility I can’t believe how long this conversation has lasted before you guys realize it’s an April fools joke haha
  14. He’s not good. It’s not a matter of weapons… he has terrrrrrible footwork and his balls float in the air … I can’t believe we passed on Stroud for a high school QB we clearly have to give the kid another year, but I just don’t see it working out.
  15. F U C K Y O U T E P P E R !
  16. Horn seems like a wayyy classier kid than that. I doubt that’s him. But I have no idea…
  17. As an App St grad, I fully support this post. CamRUN Peoples was a stud up in Boone. Hopefully he ends up being a factor with the Panthers. Would absolutely love to see it.
  18. James Bouknight is such a headache. He can’t shoot, he can’t pass and his energy on the court is always terrible. So over this kid.
  19. It's time.... he's been gone since October 2022...and the "you miss me yet??" head nod makes it even worse:) Feel free to close thread, just felt like this needed to be said haha
  20. MJ needs to gooooooo awayyyyyyyy!!! He’s ruined this franchise enough already!! Now he’s gonna fug up this draft pick … I legit can’t stand him.
  21. Perfect, win them just enough games to miss out on Caleb Williams or Drake Maye and not enough to make the playoffs.
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