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  1. Horn seems like a wayyy classier kid than that. I doubt that’s him. But I have no idea…
  2. As an App St grad, I fully support this post. CamRUN Peoples was a stud up in Boone. Hopefully he ends up being a factor with the Panthers. Would absolutely love to see it.
  3. James Bouknight is such a headache. He can’t shoot, he can’t pass and his energy on the court is always terrible. So over this kid.
  4. It's time.... he's been gone since October 2022...and the "you miss me yet??" head nod makes it even worse:) Feel free to close thread, just felt like this needed to be said haha
  5. MJ needs to gooooooo awayyyyyyyy!!! He’s ruined this franchise enough already!! Now he’s gonna fug up this draft pick … I legit can’t stand him.
  6. Perfect, win them just enough games to miss out on Caleb Williams or Drake Maye and not enough to make the playoffs.
  7. the entire stadium should be the supporters section...
  8. Terrible idea....plus we just drafted Mark Williams. Take a lap.
  9. ::::insert George Burns exxxxxcellent gif::::
  10. TBH I'm not too pumped with either of the two potential co-owners...
  11. Doesn't seem legit.. I highly doubt the NFL would risk putting that game in Week 1 given the chance that either QB isn't the starter yet.
  12. Bryce just seems like the one to break the mold of “small QBs” in this era… I have a good feeling about this kid.
  13. I was all in on Stroud until about 3 weeks ago…. Bryce is the guy. He has the mentals to win in this league.
  14. The fact that he’s less than 1 away from being “obese” probably doesn’t sit well with 70% of the huddle
  15. eyes and teeth have always been “silver”
  16. Someone who is good with Photoshop wanna toss this helmet I thought of on a mock up jersey combo? Interested to see how it would look. To spice it up a little more could have a C in the middle of the states or the player #
  17. not to toot my own Jaycee Horn, but I think these are nice :::toot toot:::
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