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  1. On 9/13/2021 at 5:59 PM, Rags said:

    Nah Slater was my 1b to Horn. Was surprised we went Horn I thought for SURE we were gonna go Slater. Slater is damn good. Technique like no other. This isn't a surprise with him, this was expected.

    Amen to your post Rags, for me it was still a win of sorts since the Bolts are the team I root for in that other Conference. Seems our GM was more concerned with trading down than drafting the best/most needed player.

  2. 23 hours ago, ickmule said:

    I’ve been saying it for over a year , he is extremely overrated. If he gets an HC job, good, let him go.  

    I was sooooo disappointed last winter that no one hired him to be their headcoach. The guy is somehow still living off that one season at LSU, certainly not off anything he's done with the Panthers. He needs to go.

  3. 12 hours ago, DaveThePanther2008 said:

    I hope he wasn't a Preseason warrior.  Seems he dropped a couple of passes that he caught in Preseason.  They were contested throws I will admit but during the preseason he came up with those catches. 

    Hopefully, it was rookie nerves and plays well later on. 

    I'm still very high on him, I think he can be a beast. 


    As i pointed out when he was drafted, the kid had a bit of a rep for dropping catches in college. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Proudiddy said:

    Joe Brady inside the 20s and playcalling with the lead.



    That trick with the glasses is so accurate, another coach who can't get out of his own way, i.e. Grier in Dallas, Brady and Snow as coordinators, Walker as backup. And were Slye's problems a bad coaching problem? (he was very good today).

  5. 36 minutes ago, davos said:

    I remember liking Morgan in the draft buildup from his year, had some good downfield throws in college.  Decent highlights, didn't seem like he had shown much once in the bigs.  But might as well kick the tires right?

     Morgan was in the '19 draft I think it was. I thought at the time he looked like a very good late round pick, glad he finally got here. Don't know how much better than Grier he is, if any at all. I guess there weren't any ex Baylor QBs available.

  6. 42 minutes ago, hepcat said:

    I have been a fan of this team for way too long. So I’ve seen them fail way too many times. I know how this ends. If you don’t have a backup plan for the most inconsistent players at high profile positions like QB and Kicker, you’re going to have a bad time.

    Now the season is about to start and Joey Slye is doing what he always does - miss easy FGs. Remember in 2019 when he missed a 19yd FG that would have won the game? How is this guy still around???

    And Darnold is BARELY PLAYING? WTF. The guy hasn’t proven anything for this team. This isn’t post MVP season Cam Newton we’re talking about. It’s doofy Sam Darnold and his ghosts. He reps to be ready for the season. We don’t even know if he will be ready for the season. All we know is Joe Brady wasn’t confident enough to put the ball in his hands on 4th and goal. And that says a lot to me.

    The Panthers passed on Justin Fields, didn’t sign a veteran QB like Andy Dalton, or hell even keep Teddy Bridgewater. Darnold has no completion. And he’s not the type of QB to just hand over the keys to the team to. He failed in that role already and you need to hedge your bets on a guy like that.

    WTF is this team thinking? No completion for the most inconsistent guys on the team? I’m getting tired of this sh*t.

    But our kicker is the number on kicker in the league. Oh wait, he no longer kicks for the Panthers, does he? Thanks Ron and Marty! Everyone here wanted him on the team but the dumb turds in charge put him on the practice squad. I hope it isn't too obvious how pissed-off I still am.

  7. 3 hours ago, SBBlue said:

    A couple 3rd and longs were uncatchable.  You have to make those throws.  

    Was he throwing from a clean pocket? Do you know? 

    Let's face it honestly, most here have hated him since he was a rookie so don't consider that he was playing with 3rd, 4th, 5th stringers today. No Marshall, no Hubbard etc., so comparing the two QB from today's game is classic apples and oranges comparison. People here should seriously start thinking, instead of just reacting from thoughtless emotions. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, kungfoodude said:

    I guess he has made a couple of bad snaps already in practice. You gotta remember JJ has been bulletproof for almost a decade. 

    That was why I think most were extremely surprised by the pick.

    The snapper picked after him seemed much more likely to fit in the NFL due to his much better size. No longer remember who and where.

  9. 10 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

    Available free agents (via Spotrac)

    - Alex Smith (pretty sure he retired, but...)
    - Robert Griffin III
    - Matt Barkley
    - Josh McCown (excellent mentor type ) 
    - Blake Bortles
    - Brett Hundley
    - Sean Mannion (been getting a lot of tryouts) 
    - Ryan Finley
    - Jamie Newman (yeah...no)
    - Josh Johnson
    - Case Cookus (yes, that's a real guy; I looked him up)

    Not a great list. 

    - Robert Griffin III
    - Matt Barkley
    - Josh McCown (excellent mentor type ) 
    - Blake Bortles

    Any of these guys would be better than what we got. But lets get Cookus on the practice squad so he can afford to change his name, Cookin sounds good to me. Or maybe Cockus, yeah Case Cockus.

  10. 13 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    BIG difference between college and NFL in this regard. The much more even talent parity in the NFL compared to college puts a bigger influence on the QB position and play calling compared to college. The Alabamas, Clemsons, Ohio States, Oklahomas, etc. of college are  head and shoulders more talented than their competition in college week in and week out. That just doesn't happen in the NFL. Rhule made a living in college beating unranked teams. He had an abysmal rating vs. top 25 teams. I'm hopeful about Rhule, but I'm not even close to pretending that he's a slam dunk to succeed in the NFL.

    Wasn't he hired for how fast he could turn a team around by being a great talent evaluator? What are the records of Temple and Baylor this century against top 25 teams? Who in their right mind expects either to beat a top 25 team on any given Saturday? The great majority of teams in his conferences will always be unranked, so how does your point have any meaning? since who else could be beat? Of course there is no reason to expect him to be a slam dunk success in the NFL, though his skills at assembling talent could result in winning despite any skills he may or may not have at actual coaching.

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  11. On 7/27/2021 at 7:45 PM, 1of10Charnatives said:

    I just want to throw this out there:

    The best case scenario is quite obviously he plays great on a new team with a fresh start and quality skill position players around him. That's a no brainer and what I'm sure we're all hoping for.

    But after that I think it gets a little interesting. I don't think the worst case scenario is Darnold flops hard. If he does, we go back to the drawing board and yeah it sucks, but we'll have a high pick in the next draft if he does and we're only out meaningfully a 2nd rounder. Even if Darnold fails fast and obviously, that was worth the shot.

    I think the worst case scenario is if Darnold plays well enough to give us a middle of the road record with a rapidly improving roster around him, but not well enough that it's obvious he should be the guy we build around for the future. What if Darnold shows flashes this year and teases everyone and is able to show just enough that he *might* be the guy, but then gets hurt somewhere middle to the later part of the season, say after we've won six games or so. That's the one that keeps me up at night remembering the endless parade of 7-9, 9-7 seasons that we've been stuck with far too often.

    Don't get me wrong, I want him to succeed. But if he doesn't or can't, I'd rather him fail hard than tease us and the coaching staff. What worries me is my own perception that this coaching staff might be overvaluing it's ability to coach guys up and overemphasizing raw physical traits and talent which they can't coach. Maybe they turn out to be great at that at the pro level, but at this juncture I say it's still an open question that could lead to us getting stuck in a very familiar feeling rut with a talented roster but a middling qb.

    These are the kinds of thoughts I have when I'm bored and I've already watched all the pr0n.

    That's right.

    All of it.

    Except that weird @#%$ with furries. If you like that you need therapy. And probably a cattle prod.

    Fits and company did far too little to fix the OL so if they turn out to be the second coming of the Jets OL the past two years, we will then get too little opportunity to see USC Sam, third overall draftee.

  12. 5 hours ago, MHS831 said:



    Remember, I have EXPLORER status. 




    5 hours ago, MHS831 said:


    Remember, I have EXPLORER status. 



    EXPLORER, is that what comes after Eagle scout? 

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