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  1. Maybe act like the Starting QB until its official? Idk man just seems pretty weak
  2. Chinn isn't very good in coverage wouldn't call him Earl or Ed... ever
  3. Teddy has actually gone MIA this offseason... we got DJ moore and CMC posting workout videos with Grier instead LOL
  4. They asked Sam in the presser has Teddy reached out to him said he hasn't talked to Teddy at all but looks forward to competing with him... that tells you all you need to know
  5. Interesting that Teddy hasn't reached out to him... some leader right? Seems like he's checked out completely on the team which is everything Rhule and Brady said he wouldn't do. Doesn't seem like the professional we were getting last year when we brought him in.
  6. I said what I said and then to come out of retirement to play with another team? No way does he deserve that honor
  7. The fact he recommended his brother takes him out of the panther hall of honor in my honest opinion
  8. Out of all the options to listen to from the last regime Ryan is pretty low on my list
  9. Sheesh after him going to bat for his brother we're still listening to this clown??
  10. and you must've been the best player on your middle school team right?
  11. Thanks for giving up 300 to Julio Colin! I was there you didn't do anything
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