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  1. oh Im not mad lol the Panthers haven't envoked any emotion out of me since I was in high school positive or negative but the team is fuging trash and Rhule is gonna have to lose 11 games just for you guys to see it
  2. im a dumbshit but you've been posting topics nobody cares about since you got here lol nobody cares about ron anymore bozo move on
  3. not much leadership on this team and the names announced today confirm that but enjoy watching them lose by 20 as caption Donte gets burned again for the 5th time of the day
  4. Me personally I think he's got to come up with at least 5 sacks and a couple FF he was known for that in college and is a top 10 pick at DT we need to start seeing some dominating impact imo
  5. Yall mad that the team has no leaders lmfaooo Donte wouldn't be a caption on any other roster in the NFL not even the best at his position so I know he's not the best in the film room it just make no sense doesn't carry himself as a professional
  6. voted by these players who haven't been to the playoffs in 3 years? or the players that played for matt rhule in college?
  7. CMC has good stats but yet since he's been the star we haven't won much so what does that say? Highest paid RB in the NFL.. also Donte Jackson leads by example? Its gonna be a rough year lol
  8. Burns? Why he's been terrible against the run and has never had a double digit sack season but hes Pep lol CMC? Not a vocal leader really quiet guy I think his boys are already gone and he's emotionally detached just getting his bread Moton? ehhh he's okay he's a tackle but when has he hyped the team up? Or even made a SPLASH play showing a mean streak? Or even punishing the opponent for hitting one of our guys late?? Nobody on this list is gonna stick up for the team in dire situations
  9. Nobody on that list is a vocal leader or somebody I would look at like hey lets play EXACTLY like him! We have no leaders and its concerning might as well slap the C on Rhule's chest
  10. its not just been tc tho its been YEARS since he offered any real insight just wondering what makes him better?
  11. Whens the last time you dropped some actually news and not an HORRIBLE prediction that usually never happens? I'll wait... you're just as bad as the rest of the media here always talking down but yet you can't even get simple acess to take pictures anymore lol something about glass houses?? and stones?
  12. How does it feel being the highest paid player at his position when litterally 20 other backs can do the things he does just as good if not better
  13. I know that the top head coaches in college actually win hardware in way tougher divisions lol
  14. For comparisons Kliff in ARZ took Murray w the 1st overall pick.. who did he coach in college? MAHOMES he KNOWS what a good QB looks like... and who did they just draft in the top 3 the year before who was trash? Josh Rosen, imo Rosen = Darnold Murray = whatever QB we could've gotten this year that would've been an true upgrade over Teddy
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