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  1. Why is this bum wearing JP's number
  2. Look at the comments around here calling him Ramsey and future Revis lol dude had 1 career int and he's Revis? haha
  3. The guy he's "locking down" has 32 career catches....in 3 seasons. Lets temper expectations guys he hasn't even thrown on pads yet!
  4. Greg didn't do enough to have 88 retired lol fell off right after Cam and complained to the owner to get the other gm fired its okay Greg maybe the Seahawks will retire your poo
  5. He was drafted top 10 if he's not an All-pro player by the end of his rookie deal something is very wrong
  6. that cap cause after the Vikings game when his PR told him time was up he said no he felt like this was a game he had to answer every question to so its not that he hates the media.. I mean could be a lot worse up there in NYC.
  7. Rhule literally just got off vacation he said it himself lol if he's not refreshed after that it won't be a good year for him upcoming
  8. Maybe act like the Starting QB until its official? Idk man just seems pretty weak
  9. Chinn isn't very good in coverage wouldn't call him Earl or Ed... ever
  10. Teddy has actually gone MIA this offseason... we got DJ moore and CMC posting workout videos with Grier instead LOL
  11. They asked Sam in the presser has Teddy reached out to him said he hasn't talked to Teddy at all but looks forward to competing with him... that tells you all you need to know
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