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  1. That's what I was thinking. So many people were good today, you have to give it to a coach. I think rhule deserves a game ball too.
  2. It's early, but man they look so good. Horn is playing well too, no one wants to test him. Really buying our DL more time.
  3. Yea, we are outcoaching the poo out of Payton I love it.
  4. Exactly. But we finally tried a few throws today and it is working out OK. Seems like our goaline percentages are up a little today.
  5. I think Brady is doing better today so far. We did try CMC at the goalie again and that isn't working so far this year so we have been throwing it today. Darnold and dj Moore are playing great today
  6. I agree. And I feel like coach rhule isn't going g to repeat what we did last week. I think he learns his lessons fast. I'm loving coach rhuke and Phil Snow right now.
  7. Holy crap I was so wrong about this game. Rhule has these guys playing so hard after just 1 year. It is still early but they are playing like a contender right now. There is no reason we can't be a playoff team this year
  8. I don't know why people poo on Rivera. He is a good coach. He already has his new team in the playoffs too with journeymen QBs. I hated firing Rivera, but I do think he had gotten a little complacent. Anyway I was glad we got rhulr because I think he can build something here. I still think he can do it. I like the defense and I think we will have an oline to go with our high powered offense next year. He does need to show a little improvement each year in the win column. I wonder why it seems like everyone is attacking rhule today? You would think we lost last week or something.
  9. It's only been a year and one game tho. I see a few things I don't like with rhule, but I'm not expecting an awful team to go to the playoffs in his second year though either. He does need Sam to work out though or he will be off to a bad start in the qb department. Other than that he has done well with the defense and the offense is built except for the oline and maybe QB. So he has mostly shown he can build a team and now he needs to show he can start winning.
  10. This game is all on darnold and the WRs. The saints are going to contain CMC and force Sam to throw it downfeild. This is a big game for Sam and I hope he is ready. We are basically putting it in his hands and this will be his first test to see if he has what it takes after 3 wasted years with the jets. I don't want to sound coddling, but I agree with the coaches that no one has ever taught him correctly so I am just going to evaluate his progress this week even if we don't win. He needs to perform at the basics of his craft and then the confidence will come and the wins with it.
  11. They are going to blanket CMC and try to take him away this week. That is what any coach that isn't a complete dumbass would do after looking at last week's performance. Sam is going to have to make plays down the field this week. It will be a big test for him. Good news is that the saints will probably ly have to commit most of their linebackers to stop cmc so that gives us good matches downfeild and will set up play action hopefully.
  12. Enjoy him while you can. I'm not 100% certain... but he is a better zone CB than a press man. I think rhule and snow want to run mostly press, and I think another team that runs zone may pay him more than we will match. We will see.
  13. I honestly think that the 2 teams mirror each other very well. Qbs with a bad past trying to resurrect their career, both have good receiving RBs, good WRs, both have good defensive lines and good defensive backs. The only differences are that they have a better oline, but we are in a better salary cap situation and are trending upwards as a rebuilding team while they a trending downwards after losing Brees and nearing a need to rebuild themselves. This will be a good technical game. All about the Xs and Os. We will see if Rhule has what it takes in the coaching battle against peyton.
  14. It will hamper his ability to intercept. That is mostly what I am worried about. We can beat you if we protect the football.
  15. The saints will eventually implode under the weight of that salary cap... but it hasn't happened yet. We still have to wait at least another year before the firesale begins thanks to them lucking out and getting value at the QB position. Honestly I think the saints would kick our ass by 10+ points, but they have some key injuries and they have to be tired from 3 weeks on the road. For these reasons I give us a decent chance. Saints 30 Panthers 28 We can win if we can stop Kamara and get some pressure on Winston to generate some turnovers, but we have to take advantage of them and score. FGs and punting on the 33 won't beat the saints.
  16. I don't think a 4 man rush will be enough to pressure darnold AND take away cmc too though. You are going to have to commit some linebackers as well, and that will give Sam a chance to set up the play action passing game. You can shut us down, but it will probably take all of your LBs to stop CMC and our TEs and your defensive backs will have to play man coverage against all of our wrs. I doubt you can 100% stop our offense like you did GB, but I think you can probably do enough to outscore us though. Our defense is nasty this year, but Peyton always finds a way to score and so far it looks like Carolina has stumbled some in the redzone. Rest assured that we have been practicing our redzone plays all week though. We definitely aren't going to roll over without a fight like GB did.
  17. They will probably ly scheme to take cmc out of the game too. If they can still pressure darnold while taking away his check down with cmc we are in trouble. We have to hope that if they focus on cmc that they will leave some plays downfeild to our wrs and that Sam has enough time to get the ball to them. I'm a little worried about this one. I don't think darnold is ready for the saints yet.
  18. I mostly agree, but as long as we aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, you do kinda want him to be available in the last half of the season. I think if we are ahead by 3 scores or if we are obviously are going to lose a game down by 4+ scores then it is OK to pull him out. Of course none of those scenarios would have applied on Sunday though.
  19. Yea, but the 'analytics' say that the combined weight of your entire oline has to be between 1474-1523 pounds in order to be good. Deonte pushed the overall weight to 1527 pounds. 'Analytics' don't lie. Cut him now.
  20. We got the ball out faster, even though technically the oline still lost their block even though the ball was already out.... it doesn't male much sense unless you figure in all of the qb hits Sam took, even though they weren't sacks.
  21. And they were missing their best DE too. Man, this might be a long season.
  22. Poor guy got hit about 10 times though. We have got to do something. Please bench elf and Daley and put the rooks in.
  23. I agree. What did this actually mean? I think I know a little about football, but I have no idea what this even means. Sam has a decent completion percentage, was only sacked once and didn't throw any INTs. Sooo. Wtf is going on here? Sounds like some made up BS from PFF or something.
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