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  1. You guys signed Daquan Jones today. He's been a Titan for 4 or 5 years. He isn't a bad player but he isn't a good player either. He's a middling player. I wouldn't expect great things from him. He's been a starter for the Titans for some years. As a Titans fan I will say that I hope management replaces him with somebody who's better. IMO he's more of a backup level of talent than a starter level talent. Maybe it was the scheme or fit but I really don't think you Panther fans are going to be happy with him as a starter. He typically gets between 1 and 3 sacks and when he gets 3 sacks it's usually against weaker OLs. If I was a Panther fan I would not be jumping up and down about this signing. The only good thing about it is that it didn't cost a lot to sign him.
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