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  1. My thoughts exactly. I've been a fan since the beginning and a PSL owner since 2006. Like others have said, unless/until I find out Rhule is gone, the feeling is worse than 2001 or 2010 bc there is currently no hope. These last 4 years have been brutal, but this year has been the worst. I love the Panthers to my core, but this feels like an increasingly one-sided investment
  2. As tough as it is to admit it, you're right... hard to see any pathway where we are good next year. The thought of Matt Rhule for another year is soul-crushing... I will not forgive him for not letting Cam at the goal line and/or not putting him at the end. What a waste of 2 seasons (really the last 4). I'm just tired, man. This effing sucks
  3. Everything is better under Tepper (sound, WiFi, etc) except for the one thing that matters... wins!!
  4. Rhule needs to be let go after the season, but in spite of my anger towards him throwing players under the bus for his failings, he has not done anything that warrants anything other than him being let go after the season so he can go back to college where he belongs. Rhule is not Urban Meyer on any level where he is just a bad human being. I think Rhule wants to do well but just is not equipped to succeed at this level. That failure is as much on David Tepper as anyone. Asking people at Christmas to raise an exorbitant amount to fly a stupid banner when their money could literally be spend better anywhere else is like other have said, simply idiotic.
  5. Fire Matt Rhule. Matt Rhule is responsible for this abomination of an offensive line
  6. It's about time... absolutely no reason to not see what we have there
  7. He absolutely is, provided of course we pay him what he is worth. To me, he has to be priority number 1 to resign. Maybe 1A to Cam being 1B. Only Julius Peppers, Luke Kuechly, or Josh Norman (2015 only) have had seasons like Reddick is having. May be the best FA signing in franchise history. He should be a Pro Bowl lock and has a chance to be both All-Pro and outside chance at DPOY.
  8. There's been a lot of Shaq slander since he signed that contract, especially since his play prior to the contract did not seem to warrant how much we paid him. And then watching Bradberry outperform him last year only added to that narrative. I'll eat all the crow b/c I never saw Shaq playing at this level, which is right up there with the elite level of play we saw from Luke & TD. For all the contracts given over the past few years that look awful in retrospect, this is one that has worked out much better than almost anyone imagined. Shaq, Rhule, and Snow deserve a lot of credit. Shaq should be a Pro Bowl lock for his play on the field.
  9. 75% Panthers/ 25% WFT I've been where it was way too close to 50/50 FWIW Without the Cam coming back narrative, I think it would have been closer to 60/40
  10. They alternate introductions (i.e. alternating offensive & defensive starters). Defense was last home game- offense will be introduced on Sunday
  11. Man some of yall are reaching so far you've entered a new dimension... It's OK not to have constant grievances in your life... This is the best time to be a Panthers fan in at least 4 years... it's OK to just enjoy the moment without searching for things to get upset about. Everything about this "story" is a massive nothing burger.
  12. I already have. They're called PSLs. Same basic thing just a different way for the team to raise money
  13. Other guys deserve consideration, but they both should be starters
  14. Reddick is having the best season for a Panthers defender outside of Peppers, Kuechly, or 2015 Norman. If the Panthers can make a playoff push and Reddick keeps up his play, he should be in contention for DPOY. Best FA value signing in Panthers history. He is not getting enough respect nationally
  15. Reddick should be a lock for the Pro Bowl. He maybe All Pro if he finishes the year as strong as he has played so far. I think Donte and Shaq should make it also
  16. I appreciate the response. I have someone interested already but if it falls through I'll let you know. Thanks
  17. Got an opportunity to buy lower level tickets for Sunday for a reasonable price and am selling my PSL tickets. Will sell for face value ($80) to Panthers fans on the board Please DM me if you're interested. You're not going to find tickets anywhere close to that online. My seats are on the 45 yard line Panthers side.
  18. He came back in. He was unnoticed because he locked his guy down
  19. I honestly don't think anyone in this fanbase thought he would live up to his contract. I'm happy to eat crow...
  20. It's easy to cherry pick any one play to pile on someone. It wasn't a great effort by Teddy but there is definitely a double standard with QBs. Brady wouldn't even attempt to stop someone to risk getting hurt. I was glad we got rid of Teddy, but I will never question his toughness. Anyone who does should read what happened to him on the Vikings practice field (he absolutely could have died or been permanently disabled) on one of the most freak sports injuries ever. To be able to come back from that and play with guys coming at you every play... only a couch warrior would discount that
  21. What I would give to be able to start the season again with our current roster...
  22. Lot of people selling Donte short. I'd be shocked if he didn't get $15M on the open market. He has been incredible. Not saying Gilmore hasn't been awesome bc he's been as good as advertised, but Donte deserves his flowers too. If we make the playoffs and Horn can return, we will have the best CB group in the league unquestioned. Hell we probably do now with as well as Bouye and Taylor are playing
  23. Best win in the Rhule Era! Can not wait until next weekend at the Bank
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