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  1. Nice post OP. Standing out on ST is how a depth guy like Pride can have a lasting career in the NFL. It's also been so long time coming since we had CB depth. Can't wait to see what Phil Snow can do with a full deck on defense this year.
  2. You're weirdly emotionally invested in this for some reason... I've been around a long time and don't usually indulge trolls, but while it wasn't universal, there were plenty who viewed him as a steal: https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article229754369.html https://www.pff.com/news/draft-the-advanced-numbers-suggest-will-grier-may-be-the-steal-of-the-2019-nfl-draft He's not, but I'm not wrong to point out he was viewed quite favorably when we drafted him... do yourself a favor and learn to chill a little... this is just an internet message board
  3. That is simply not true... especially in the bottom of the 3rd where we drafted him... if he didn't have any flaws he would have went much sooner... he was viewed as a steal bc he was viewed as a guy who could come in as a high end backup to Cam and potentially a long term starter...anybody can make a pronouncement 2 years after the fact... doesn't change what was being said about him when he was actually drafted
  4. Grier was really good in college, and many pundits thought he was a steal in the 3rd round, and some guys thought he was better than Daniel Jones who was taken top 10... I watch a lot WVU football and I think he is being completely honest... Grier was awesome in the wide-open spread offense of the BIG 12 where he was usually only making 1 read... like he said, the game is much faster at the pro level, and defenses are much quicker and better at disguising coverage... Grier has the physical skills to be a NFL QB Hurney made plenty of mistakes, including Grier IMO given our other needs
  5. I think Grier could definitely lose the QB3 spot to Tommy Stevens... I think we will keep 3 QB's, but Stevens will be the guy b/c he does other stuff But it's certainly possibly Stevens is TE3 with Ian Thomas being the odd man out and the Panthers only keeping Sam and PJ as the QB's.
  6. Teddy should own what he said... he knew it was going to be controversial when he said it... if he thought it could have been "taken out of context," he should have kept silent or phrased it another way... Joe Brady was his guy, and he threw him (and Rhule) completely under a semi rolling down I-85... you can't just walk something like that back once it gets out...
  7. Great post OP... nice to have some quality threads this time of year
  8. His niece goes to the charter school my sister-in-law teaches at in the Lake Norman area. He came to speak to the class 3 years ago when she was in 3rd grade... the kids were super impressed that his job was to "protect Cam Newton." Class act and he will be a great addition to this area on top of being the anchor of the offensive line.
  9. Nah, super nice and smart kid... don't know what happened to him post high school but wouldn't be surprised if he changed his name
  10. I went to school with a kid named Harry Annas.... pronounced "Anne-nuss" Obviously, the poor kid got called Harry Anus... evidently Harry was a family name, but still... awful move by the parents
  11. It's a legitimate concern. My hope is that Horn is a superior athlete and can use his speed to compensate for the difference in physicality. Horn's only real knock I could find is that he is overly handsy with receivers... I hope with good coaching and having officials at training camp will help him find a happy medium... That being said, we definitely need more aggression in our secondary overall, and hopefully having Horn and Chinn along with the other guys will turn this unit into a force that can actually cover the big-time receivers they will have to go against in the NFC South
  12. It gets lost in the postseason that Smitty had (and the fact that Ricky Manning wasn't able to keep up that level of play beyond the 2003 postseason), but we don't make the Super Bowl without Manning, Jr. He made one of the best one-handed interceptions I've seen to this day snatching the ball away from Torry Holt when the Rams were in the edge of field goal range in OT against the Rams. He followed that up with a 3 INT game in the NFC Championship game against the Eagles where he absolutely brutalized the Eagles finesse receivers. His style wouldn't cut it today, but Manning's
  13. Smitty in the 2003 playoffs was magical (in fairness 2005 was probably even better). But that was definitely when he became a superstar and in the discussion as one of the best WR's in the league. The national media that year didn't fully realize just how good Smitty was until the playoffs b/c we entered the year so far under the radar It will be hard for another receiver in Carolina to top the double-overtime 69 yard house call in St. Louis given everything that was riding on that play. The Panthers defense was gassed, and would have probably lost had Smitty not at least converted
  14. 2013 says hi... and they did it with 2 undrafted rookies playing significant time in the secondary. The 2003 defense was obviously very good, and probably better overall, but IMHO, the 2013 D Line was the best, and that's not a slight to the 2003 team. Peppers, Rucker, and Wallace vs. Hardy, Johnson, and Addison is close to a draw And while I might give Jenkins and Buckner a slight edge over Star and Short since they were rookies, that one is pretty close too in terms of how well they played I still think what the 2013 was more impressive bc of the sheer lack of talent in t
  15. I've never regretted my subscription to The Athletic. Great coverage across the board, and Person is as good as any of the other writers they have. Joe does better with the long-form format The Athletic has vs the still truncated form of traditional papers trying to fit a set amount of words onto a physical space on the newspaper that he had to contend with being with the Observer. He still can come off like a tool in interviews, but he's a good writer and probably covers the Panthers in the furthest depth of anyone currently covering the team. Him and Jourdan Rodrigue were really great
  16. It would as bad as rescinding the franchise tag on Josh Norman in 2015 or how badly the team handled the departures of Smitty and Cam...
  17. I was in a college fraternity with that jackbag (he was kicked out for constantly starting fights, creeping girls, and almost burning down our fraternity house in his drunken douche-baggery) involved with the Jon Beason lawsuit... He got everything that had been coming to him for years... I know he carried around a laminated card around in his wallet to impress woman claiming he was on the Panthers practice squad (this was in the early 2000's when it would have been much harder to verify that information for fringe practice squad players... I don't know what position he claimed but I doub
  18. There is nothing that will make me happier a Panthers fan that to get the Bucs in Week 2 and get a season-defining win against the reigning SB Champions like we did in 2003. I just looked at the power rankings and absolutely no one is giving us any respect (most I've seen have us last in the division). But they did in 2003 also, and I feel we have just had the most transformative offseason we've had since that special season... Who knows what will happen, but I think we crushed free agency and the draft. This team (on paper) is much, much improved from last year. I tip my hat
  19. Yep. One or the other is better long-term. I also firmly believe part of the passing on Fields is to legitimately give Darnold a chance this year to see if he can become the guy he was projected to be. If Darnold fails, I think we will again be all-in on Watson (provided he settles his legal/civil issues) , and have better assets to facilitate a trade
  20. Fair points... I don't think anyone should see Leno as the "answer" at LT, but I would feel a lot better if we signed someone like Leno or Okung for one more year to have an established veteran presence while Christensen and the other young guys continue to develop. I like Irving for his versatility, but I would feel much better having someone who is an established LT
  21. Hoping that number is right... and that would give us plenty of cushion to add a few more quality guys to round out the roster, sign our draft picks, and still give some space to sign someone during the season if there are injuries.
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