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  1. Hoping for a physical, brutal game that ends in an OT tie with the Cowboys tired for next Sunday
  2. Wild card. It's hard to envision winning an actual playoff game with this offensive line. Now, having said that, this defense is going to keep us in most games. But TBH, Darnold and CMC have overcome this offensive line more so than actually benefitting from it... and I don't see the team being able to magically upgrade until after the season. Hope I'm wrong, but honestly, even sniffing the playoffs after almost every national pundit picked us to finish last or near last will be vindicating enough for this year.
  3. Who could we possibly draft in the 2nd round better than what Sam Darnold has been? Who could we draft in the 3rd round that fits the athletic profile and potential of CJ Henderson? The answer to both is no one... Enjoy what we're building here... we finally have people who know what they're doing
  4. People hate on Ian, but he has looked ok as a pass catcher, and much, much improved as a blocker. Thomas completely cleared his guy out of the way on Tremble's TD run
  5. It is amazing how well everything is working out with the team rebuild. This team is in much better shape roster wise than I would have thought possible after where we entered last offseason (arguably the worst roster on paper in the league). That being said, we still have 14 games left with a bad offensive line that I'm not sure can be improved much until after the season. Darnold has been tough and Brady is trying to scheme around it, but it is going to be an ongoing issue that can hold us back. Also, special teams is still bad. The defense can and has masked a lot of our deficiencies, but they still remain. I do think we can compete for the playoffs this year. I still question whether we can beat the top teams with this offensive line especially.
  6. This is the type of secondary you need (combined with this insane pass rush) to truly have a chance against the elite offenses
  7. Thank you... that's the real question... if you are picking up more talent than you are trading away it's a win... This version of Sam Darnold for a 2nd round pick?? Absolute no brainer A top 10 CB pick with 3 years left on his rookie contract plus the 5th year option for a 3rd (Dan Arnold was probably worth a 5th which we got back so Henderson basically cost us a 3rd)?? Absolute no brainer Think of it as just using your draft picks early... and from that perspective, the Panthers are absolutely killing it... And we have plenty of cap space for resigning guys, FA, to boot
  8. You can never have enough good coverage guys in the modern NFL.
  9. Haason Reddick has been a revelation... him and Burns are box office together.
  10. Nah... Bouye was brought here to start, and was looked at to be the starting nickel/slot CB after we drafted Horn and Jaycee looked capable of starting. Bouye I would think will be starting next week and for the foreseeable future with Horn out
  11. You can tell with Matt Rhule's mentality, he wants the team to be able to pound the rock on the goal line, but we simply don't have the horses to do it yet. Glad to see Brady get creative last night. Unfortunately, until we can improve the offensive line, especially the interior, we are going to need creativity to mask the lack of execution.
  12. That call on the Tremble TD was perfect. We can all nitpick the playcalling, especially in the redzone, but the truth remains Joe Brady's system has helped Sam look like a legitimate NFL QB, something few outside the Panthers brass thought possible, myself included. And the offensive line is still really bad by any objective measure. The task gets harder with CMC out, but the bottom line is that Joe Brady is the OC on a 3-0 team and has unlocked Darnold's potential... hard for me to be too critical
  13. Me too, but more so than anything, the team needs to err on the side of caution to ensure his long-term health. This sucks, but glad it wasn't his Achilles
  14. Makes what Darnold has done even more remarkable. This narrative that he has better coaching and weapons is true, but in all honesty our offensive line is no better than what Sam had in NY or any better than the offensive lines the Panthers have trotted out the last few years. Sam has been tough as nails behind suspect protection
  15. GTFOH... we're 3-0. Anybody who thought we weren't going to have major adversity this year must not actually watch the NFL... Injuries happen every week... we've been on the good end of the injury bug until last night. No one is going to feel sorry for us just like we haven't felt sorry for the teams we've played with some guys out. CMC will be back at some point. Hopefully Horn will be. But the other players got to step up until then. Sam Darnold was the story last night. He could have folded once CMC went down and the offensive line stopped doing their jobs. He didn't, and he came out and led us to victory last night. This is the first time I have confidence in our QB since before Cam got hurt in 2018. That cannot and should not be understated. Outside of that, this defense is simply incredible. I don't care who it is, shutting down three NFL offenses in 3 weeks in the modern NFL just doesn't happen. Haason Reddick and Morgan Fox were outstanding signings. You can choose to focus on the positives or negatives. Losing CMC and Horn sucks... no doubt But discovering we may have found a long term QB and having arguably the best pass rush duo in the entire NFL with Burns & Reddick means way more to me
  16. They would lead us back to the Dark Ages if they could. Even as a proud Southern, I want nothing more than to separate myself 180 degrees from this backwards nonsense.
  17. Exactly. Fair to say the entire roster overall is perhaps better, but even that is way too soon. Certainly 2015 had a better offensive line and (at least for now) much better QB... Cam will never get the credit he fully deserves for carrying that team to a Super Bowl
  18. Ah, the feel of Fall... pumpkin spiced-lattes, Oktoberfest, cooler weather... it's the perfect time of year... Unfortunately, Fall just doesn't last.. and winter weather can arrive when you least expect it. Houston knows this well. Back in February, a once-a-century snow storm wrecked their city, leaving millions without power and wondering where in the world this came from... Well, history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Tonight, a localized storm of equal magnitude is going to strike NRG stadium. The power may not go out, but all hope generated by the Texans unexpected 1-1 start will be vanquished. To start with, Davis Mills is going to need to take a separate insurance policy out for this neck... Lovie Smith must have Mike Glennon flashback PTSD every time he looks at that monstrosity... It may as well be a strike zone for the 2 most electric pass rushers in the NFL, Brian Burns and Haason Reddick. This is not just a game about victory... this is about imposing our will on an inferior opponent and planting the Panthers flag on the national stage. We have all dealt with the long and torturous slog of these last 3 years in the wilderness, waiting for our Moses to come down from the mountainside... Who knew it would be in the form of a 65-year old grizzled football man who looks like a Sopranos extra that the players affectionately call "Yoda" Phil Snow has gotten his well-deserved flowers this week. This franchise hasn't seen a defensive innovation like this since Dom Capers 25 years ago. But now it's time to bring on the full force of this Panthers rebirth. I want to see Joe Brady & Sam Darnold bring it tonight along with this incredible defense. I want a kicker that can make a freaking kick and special teams that can cover. I want to see a Panthers team that cannot be denied on the national stage any longer. I want to see the ice-cold killer instinct that will send these Texans back to the wintry shadowlands of NFL exile. I want complete victory and unconditional surrender. Here's to being 3-0 for the first time since 2015!! Panthers 37, Texans 9
  19. It was. The was the last play he was on the field
  20. Just to clarify, QB's making their first start are 6-0 against the spread, not in terms of winning the game. Makes sense b/c the line is going to be inflated against a first time QB... That being said, 5 of them did win. This game may present more challenges than we think CBS Sports HQ QBs to make their first NFL start on Thursday Night Football are 6-0 against the spread in the past 10 seasons. Davis Mills makes his first start tonight and the Texans are 8-point home underdogs.
  21. I understand your point, but it's all about resource allocation per position. Many teams have 2 high-priced receivers... that shouldn't cripple a well-managed cap. We can dispute the amount paid to Robby, but locking him up for another 2 years was a good GM move. Solidifies that position and allows you to develop 2 drafted guys (Terrace Marshall & Shi Smith) on rookie deals. Doing this will allow us to sustainably build a good WR corp. The biggest thing missing with Hurney was the bad drafting that forced the team to sign many FA's for higher money (even if they weren't that good) to fill roster spots. Better-ran teams fill those spots with draft picks, which allows them to pay their core elite talent guys and occasionally splurge on a big-ticket FA. With Hurney, too many times we overspent to fill positions that should have been filled through better drafting, and then we compounded the issue b/c the FA's we signed to fill those roles sucked and then we cut them and had to eat dead cap. That's not to say we never had any success under Hurney, but I do think it was a major factor in why the Panthers have never been able to sustain success via back-to-back winning seasons.
  22. Panthers can afford to franchise Reddick if necessary next year. We will have him and Burns together for at least this year and next. After that, a lot more hard decisions will have to be made concerning how to allocate money bc we will have to pay Burns, Donte, DJ, etc along with potentially extending Darnold That being said, let tomorrow worry about tomorrow and just enjoy today. It's been a while since we've had a lot to get excited about as Panthers fans. I'm trying to remind myself to just enjoy this moment for now
  23. Pound for pound he looks like one of the strongest guys in the league. It's amazing what him and Burns both can do not only from a speed perspective but also having the strength to take on offensive linemen when they are giving up 50+ or pounds to these guys on a consistent basis
  24. I think the 2013 Defense doesn't get enough credit bc we didn't have any playoff success, but that still remains arguably the very best Front 7 we've ever had. Other than Mitchell, we had straight JAG's (at best) in the secondary. And they still dominated bc the pass rush was just so dominant. And teams weren't running on prime Luke & TD. Hardy and CJ were straight prototypical 4-3 monsters. Burns and Reddick are speed personified and can be every bit as effective, but they are smaller guys, more like Lamar Lathon and Kevin Greene. If 2021 Defense is speed personified, the 2013 defense was violence personified.
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