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  1. They're paying Sam almost $19m this year. He needs to be on the field and earn that $1.1m game check
  2. Sam did lead the league in rushing TD's last year through the first 3 or 4 weeks. At least he has some mobility to take off for a first down. He's definitely the most dynamic QB on the team. No way he can perform as bad as Baker to this point. If he can go let him see what he can do with this new OL
  3. Hopefully Laviska can shake the hamstring issue because he's someone the offense needs on the field. No qb , but 3 dynamic players on that side of the ball in Dj, CMc, and Shenault.
  4. You know how we all can agree Baker is horrible? He has a QBR or 16.6 this year. You know what Pj's is for his career? 16.0. So, No, he is not our only viable option. With those numbers I would just assume watch Johnny Hekker throw the ball on Sunday. BTW our punter has a career QBR of 66.5
  5. Spoiler alert. He's only here because he played for Rhule at Temple. Case closed.
  6. One was a shutout by the defense against the Lions in which PJ threw 2 picks. The other was against the Cardinals in which Cam came in and scored 2 tds. Pj went for like 160 and an INT. As bad as Baker has been, which is arguably the worst he's ever been, he is still right on pace with Pj. Miss me with this Pj Walker bs. There is a reason no other team in the league even wanted him on their practice squad
  7. PJ Walker has no business being on an NFL roster. His Temple buddy Rhule is the ONLY reason he is on the team.
  8. Yeah Baker is trash. However, one of the wins you're giving PJ credit for was not really his win. Vs Arizona last year Cam was responsible for the only touchdowns scored beside 1 rushing td by Chuba. Pj went for 167 yds and a pick. The stats say Pj gives the ball away 4x's more than he throws touchdowns. He has the same TD:INT as NATHAN PETERMAN for christ sake
  9. NFL Stats: 2 Tds 8 INTs. The only reason PJ is even on this roster is because he was with Rhule at Temple. CASE CLOSED he's not him
  10. Jaycee has been playing better and better each week. He's been in the backfield a number of times creating caos and even caused the Derrick Brown INT
  11. Surely Fitterer has those reigns for the most part. Although, I would imagine Wilks has at least some authority to make roster decisions considering he fired the DC before the ink even dried on his Interim title.
  12. This roster has a lot of potential. This team is very young. You don't rebuild a young team. You improve it
  13. This rebuild mess has me confused too. Very good secondary, a good OL for the first time in like 10 years, All-Pro RB, Dynamic young WRs, A good DL, etc. This is the best roster Carolina has seen in a few years. All they need is someone who cant get the ball to the receivers 60% of the time or better
  14. Twist it any way you want. PJ Walker is not the answer. The ONLY reason he is even on the roster is because he was one of Rhule's minions at Temple.
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