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  1. 12 hours ago, Rocky Davis said:

    when AT&T bought DirecTV I was out.

    They don't know anything about customer loyalty.

    Yep.  Att ruined  dtv...from support to pricing etc 

    had dtv for many years and other than the outages due to t storms. No technical gripes 

    I’m a golfer and tennis player so being able to get the extra rds of  coverage in the big tournaments other than the same four players over and over again is great 

    I’ve loved Sunday ticket as I have to be in CA frequently 


  2.  Darnold is the QB to Dec 2022

    No one on this board wants him to fail and no one in this board knows he will succeed 

    we hope for the best , period 

    however the facts are, he is plan D and we may very well be looking at another QB. 

    Should that happen. Rhule needs to answer and will answer to Tepper.  
    1. Failure with Newton’s handling.  
    2. Failure with Teddy (who he and Brady just had to have)

    3.  Failure with Stafford trade  
    4. Failure with Watson (not their fault).
    5. Obtaining in Darnold the worst rated qb in the NFL 
    6.Passing  on Fields for Darnold 

    7  getting flanked by the 49ers and being far to vocal about their own QBs needs 

    that’s a whole lot of churn with the most important position on the field.  

    if it works out, genius.  If it doesn’t, I hope Rhule’s contract is solid  

    The owner will certainly remember he wanted Fields  that will be the end of the bromance with Rhule 

    CBs are nice players   QBs are what make the NFL go    

    Ps yes I know kC lost the SB and I also know both starting tackles were out and Mahomes still made plays to win that game 

    I want Darnold to succeed and I’ll just fine if he is an average NfL QB  

    what he can’t be is bottom third   


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  3. 1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

    The one thing that makes me ponder the possibility is that if I recall correctly, Anderson is in the last year of his contract with us.

    It's not unusual for GMs to try to get something out of a player in his final year if they don't think they'll be able to re-sign him.


    refreshing to have a GM that keeps it a business 

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  4. Cam has done a great deal for the panthers and the community and much more than we probably even know about 

    Great athletes have a hard time retiring 

    He is not a stupid individual. He is well aware of his limitations...so are the Patriots 

    i will hope he has one last good season and I get to see him on a football field one last time 

    I’ll also say his last game in Charlotte,  there were a lot of boos mostly for Ron  not taking him out and continuing to play him when he was clearly hurt, so it will be a good thing to give him a better reception   


  5. I wonder if Teddy shared said criticism when he was, you know, actually in coaches’ meetings and such...he could have opened his mouth, if he really gave a damn.

    Rhule had quite a few coaches leave at the end of the year...I’m sure it’s mere coincidence 

  6. Cam gave me great memories I. The stadium 

    I’m forever grateful for that and having the chance to tell him thanks in person

    i look forward to cheering his arrival at the bank.  

    i hope he plays great. I hope the panthers win but to be totally honest, nit a fan of Tepper and his treatment of him. 

  7. 1 hour ago, CarolinaLivin said:

    I don't think he needs excuses. There's years of tape that shows his limitations. It's on our staff for not seeing it. 


    If it’s the same reclamation project result with Darnold some serious questions need to be asked about their judgement on QB

    at sine point the dumpster dive has to stop and they best hope fields doesn’t light it up and Darnold shits the bed 

    I don’t want this to happen as there are too many good young players in this team now 


  8. 1 hour ago, TheRumGone said:

    As an organization, there's things you can do better as well," he said. "I'll just say this, for (offensive coordinator Joe) Brady's growth, that organization, they'll have to practice things in different ways. One of the things we didn't do much of when I was there, we didn't practice two-minute (situations), really. We didn't practice red zone ... (But) I'm appreciative of the opportunity and I just keep it moving."


    I have a very hard time believing this

    I believe it’s true 

    this is a very inexperienced, college experienced staff 

    however, he is quite capable of opening his mouth as well, you know, hey coach, we need to do more of this xxx, yyyy 

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  9. 3 hours ago, CarolinaLivin said:

    Darnold has 3 years of experience Vs. a Zach Wilson that is being thrown in the fire after playing questionable competition at the college level. I think Sam HAS to win this game. and if he is outplayed by Zach the media will attack him.

    And they should 

    year 4 in the Nfl and the weapons he has, the salary he has 

    it’s time to man up or get out 

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  10. Just now, NanuqoftheNorth said:

    This seems like a good bet.

    Yep I’m on the West Coast now and all the talk is about the As probably following the Raiders to Vegas 

    living in Raleigh, I’d love to have them augment the Canes 

    Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill is exploding and a great place to live but it’s not going to compete with Vegas 

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  11. 8 hours ago, Moo Daeng said:

    Honest question? Is the schedule release really interesting to most? I can't say I look more than a few games in advance during the season. 

    If a fan travels to Charlotte and staying overnight or if people are flying down for a game, it matters

  12. 1 hour ago, kungfoodude said:

    I don't care about a long TD pass. I care about sustained success. I am not going to lose my poo over finally seeing a long TD pass. 

    I will be impressed with Darnold when he is making smart decisions and winning games. That is the bar.

    Yep  this 

    the game that Darnold leads the Panthers, on the road, downfield for a  victory against a tough, quality  opponent is the day we know we have a QB

    the game that he does the same at home is when fans will start to embrace him 

    until then, it’s just as LG says, ‘another reclamation project’

    i wish Darnold the best but in this league, bravery is called for...and winning   



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  13. 36 minutes ago, Captain Morgan said:

    E:  all the media people said Carolina would take a QB if available, and you had Fields



    Matt  I believe in Sam and he deserves to get the chance.  


    the same guy who said

           ‘I don’t believe in fairness in pro sports’

    come on Matt 

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  14. Passing on Fields damn near killed me 

    The rest, they did a good job as they know, or hope they do, what kind of players they want to coach 

    No matter what we think, or grades we give, this team now has Rhule and Fitterer’s stamp on it    No more Rivera or Hurney   

    The Ws and Ls are theirs to own 

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  15. 15 hours ago, Panther Believer said:

    This guy might not develop to the best pass catcher, and even if he doesn't I'm totally fine with it. He will make such an impact in zone blocking that it will make up for it. If you want to be sold quickly on how awesome this kid (20 years old) is, skip to 2:55 seconds. That's the type of dog we need. I see his comp being more of a Kyle Juszczyk than George Kittle.


    Love him 

    big ND fan, watched all his games 

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