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  1. 25 minutes ago, Verge said:

    On that note. I think this is the last year I will be doing threads like these. It is not good for my mental health lol. Just want to sit back and enjoy the draft from now on. It's been a good run though. Love yall ❤️

    Don’t do that 

    there are a lot of critics on here who have no opinion of their own but like to ‘poke the people  the eye ‘ who do...then you have the contrarians. 

    Ignore it all.  It’s just noise 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Tr3ach said:

    One thing you've got to remember is the panthers scout team and Fitterer have a lot more access and information than we do as fans.  Just because so many fans see Fields as a sure thing apparently doesnt mean they do from their scouting.  I'm sure if they scouted him and all thought he was a surefire star then they would for sure be drafting him at 8 if he was there.

    Yes, I’m hopeful the new GM makes a difference 

    the panthers under Tepper haven’t exactly handled the QB  position well.  That’s my opinion   Others may disagree.  


  3. 24 minutes ago, electro's horse said:

    1. you either don't know what pablum means or you just admitted you're bland and boring

    2. you listen to posts?


    First I’m not a coward.  I am anything but.

    Second the comment wasn’t directed at you.  I’ve liked plenty of your posts. 

    Third, there are a lot of bullies on this board.  They don’t matter to me.

     Fourth, it really is simple if the posts are bad and bland, why waste your time   Why are you in this one. 

    Finally, instead of wasting energy attacking someone personally or if you find the content bad and bland, ignore the poster.  Not sure how that is being a coward. It’s called being an adult.

  4. 6 minutes ago, electro's horse said:

    how did the panthers screw up their chance to get a qb

    other teams out maneuvered them, they got outbid for Stafford, and Watson has some....issues

    like other teams try to win too

    I don’t care about other teams attempts to win 

    Some coaches are smart enough to know what to do when they are in the QB lottery and some are not

    playing WFT, you start Grier and your bench to ‘take a look at your starters’ and you ‘really really want to win, but you don’t 

    start with that. Pro teams have been doing that for decades 

    there are regular draft picks but in the modern era, QBs matter.  

    Fowler  addresses the rest of it.  Brady’s red zone offensive play calls weren’t sterling either.  

  5. If Darnold fails, and the Panthers  screwed up their chance to get a franchise QB this draft,  it’s a greater issue then the men selected to play   qB, it’s the men who put that QB in that position who are not getting the job done 

    I do not see Fields dropping, the Panthers will waste a second or third round pick on Kellen Mond, Trask or the Stanford QB



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  6. nothing earth shattering but I always like Scott’s view on things as he is not a ‘homer’

    My favorite quote 
    ‘Of course, in 2022, we also may be writing about the Panthers moving on from Darnold, just as they moved on from Bridgewater, just as they moved on from Newton. What this team wouldn’t give to have the QB problem solved! Maybe Darnold is the solution, but his Jets stats would argue otherwise.’


    Panthers had to dump Teddy Bridgewater, but will Sam Darnold really be any better?

    BY SCOTT FOWLER| [email protected]
    1 hr. ago

    The Great Teddy Bridgewater Experiment ended as many “great” experiments do on Wednesday, with a tacit admission of failure by the Carolina Panthers and a quickie divorce on the eve of the NFL draft.

    Signed amid pomp and circumstance a year ago to a three-year, $63-million contract, Bridgewater could only bridge the Panthers’ troubled waters for a single season before he got traded Wednesday. The Panthers were so desperate to get out of his contract that they will now pay him millions to go away. Carolina only got a sixth-round draft choice from Denver out of this deal, and will still be paying $7 million to Bridgewater this season (the Broncos will pay him just $3 million) as he relocates to Colorado for 2021.

    In other words, it was an expensive divorce for the Panthers. The money part of it looks bad, and it is bad.

    And you know what? Bridgewater wasn’t really that bad last season, especially if you only counted the first three quarters of games. This wasn’t the second coming of Jimmy Clausen. Bridgewater set an all-time completion record for the Panthers (69.1) in 2020. His teammates loved him. He won a league-wide sportsmanship award.

    Carolina’s problems in 2020 went far deeper than Bridgewater’s 0-for-8 close-game performance in fourth quarters. Yes, he made a number of horrible last-minute decisions. But Bridgewater also got a bit of a raw deal: No Christian McCaffrey; a revolving-door offensive line; no help in a couple of games when he actually did play well enough to win.

    Still, the Panthers needed to make this move. As I wrote two weeks ago, a Bridgewater trade would be the closest thing the Panthers could get to a win-win at this point. Bridgewater gets another new beginning — and he might actually start in Denver at some point — and the Panthers get to begin trying to extricate themselves from salary-cap jail once again.

    The timing of the Bridgewater leak, first reported by NFL Network, was curious. It came only a few minutes after the Panthers had announced they were changing the surface at Bank of America Stadium from grass to artificial turf — a move that basically no NFL player, or pro soccer player for that matter, is ever going to applaud. Players universally prefer natural grass, believing it to be a safer surface.

    Within minutes, though, that piece of unfortunate news got buried,overshadowed by the headlines from the Bridgewater trade.

    The writing had been on the wall for this one since Carolina traded three draft picks for 23-year-old Sam Darnold — the strong-armed, inconsistent quarterback of the New York Jets — on April 5. Bridgewater’s agents were given permission to do the legwork of seeking a trade for their client, who the Panthers certainly didn’t want to pay $23 million to be a backup.

    So the next step of the Panthers’ continuing, post-Cam QB saga is to select another one in the NFL draft sometime in the next three days. No matter where the new QB is picked (and it might be Justin Fields at No. 8 overall), he will be a lot less expensive than Bridgewater, who is still a $17-million dead cap hit this year for Carolina. The trade gave Carolina a net saving of $6 million, according to The Observer’s Alaina Getzenberg. In 2022, though, Bridgewater will be off the books.

    Of course, in 2022, we also may be writing about the Panthers moving on from Darnold, just as they moved on from Bridgewater, just as they moved on from Newton. What this team wouldn’t give to have the QB problem solved! Maybe Darnold is the solution, but his Jets stats would argue otherwise.

    As for Bridgewater:

    Teddy, we hardly knew ye, and I mean that quite literally. 

    Because of COVID-19 and the way reporters were understandably kept away from players this past year, I never actually said hello to Bridgewater in person over the entire season, much less shook his hand. I saw him only via Zoom. And in those many news conferences, I did gain great respect for the man and the way he handled himself after losses and in adverse situations, of which there were plenty.

    I hope this trade works out for Bridgewater, and for the Panthers. I hope everyone involved gets their QB issues solved.

    But given the recent history for all parties, I sure wouldn’t count on it

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  7. My head will explode if Fields is there and they don’t take him and drop that low 

    there is nothing about Darnold that screams ‘winner’ 

    the panthers just had one reclamation project fail and that was with  someone Brady wanted AND knew his system

    i’d hedge my bets and take Fields if he is there 

    I guess I had too many years of Fox passing on the likes of Aaron and Big Ben because he was happy with Jake 

    you are either getting better or you are getting worse in the nfl.   

    as far as Darnold, tape don’t lie. 

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  8. 39 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

    This thread does not bode well for the huddle's reading comprehension. Thanks for sharing the article @raleigh-pantherI think the draft may play out to something similiar to this.

    Im Out GIF

    Thank you

    there are many different points of view of what will happen 

    the lynchpin, unfortunately, is Atlanta 

    if any  team benefits if fields falls, it’s them

    i don’t begin to know.  

    I hope for the best seeing how I put my money and time where my mouth is by choice with this team.

    nothing like NFL Sunday in the stadium.  

  9. 4 minutes ago, shaqattaq said:

    OK, according to the link, Miami traded #6 to Dallas for #10, then traded #10 to us for #8, which we traded to philly for #12. Clear as mud! I've thought about the idea of trading for miami's # 18, & 36, so that was my first thought here, It's a bit convoluted. 

    And also, why the fug do we see Slater as a guard when everyone else in the world sees him as the #2 LT available? That's even harder to understand.

    I think Slater is a LT as well but the author is simply stating what more than one evaluator has said.  It’s probably a 65% to 35% split with LT being the majority selection

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  10. 1 minute ago, CanadianCat said:

    Its just that there is no context here..

    Reading this I have no idea what happened.. 

    read the full link, that might help

    I found his take to be possible and probable based on the trade up to Atlanta for number 4     That changes everything and realistically, Fitterer will not go lower than 12 to 15 range 

    not  directed at you but some people on here bitch if you just give a link, some bitch if you give just the text or too much text , some bitch if you give both andsome just like to criticize to prove how much smarter they think they are than others  and today is one of those days in which I have no patience for it 

    I shared this because the author is someone who gives really good positional breakdowns with film justification when he is evaluating players and game outcomes 



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  11. Just now, Trainwreck said:

    Never mind, took me a while to figure the trades out. It was really difficult to figure the trades. This has no chance of happening. I wish people would stop publishing these bad articles/mocks. Miami and Philly just made big moves weeks ago. The last two teams to be moving up or down again are those two teams. Just stop. 

    You could pass it by and frankly I’ll take the opinion of the author of that article over yours 

    I wish people would stop bitching about other people posting articles when they post nothing of value of their own 

  12. Carolina two trade downs 


    TRADE: Miami trade up for the 8th pick with Carolina receiving the 10th pick

    The Panthers really want to trade down, and while they would want to be well compensated for doing so, Miami have the draft capital to make it worth their while and with no receivers off the board to this point they would certainly be keen to go and get their man. 


    TRADE: Philadelphia trades up for the 10th spot with Carolina receiving the 12th pick

    Philadelphia want to add offensive weapons, especially at receiver, and there have been rumours of them wanting to trade back into the top ten to make sure they get ahead of the Giants. Carolina would still be happy to trade down even after having done so already


    the pick, #12

    12th Overall, Carolina Panthers: Christian Darrisaw, OT (Virginia Tech)

    The indications are that the Panthers see Rashawn Slater as more of a guard than a tackle and, while he probably can play tackle to a fairly high level as well, this means their preference is probably to go elsewhere. Darrisaw hasn’t been part of the top-10 conversation a huge amount, but he has hugely impressive tape and with some work on his hand usage could be a long-term left tackle for the Panthers. In Darrisaw, the Panthers are able to fill possibly their most pressing need early and can focus on adding talent elsewhere for the rest of the draft. 



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