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  1. 8 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

    You have to think we have seen his rock bottom.

    For some reason, that made me lol.  Seriously 

    if he hasn’t, that means the Tepper Rhule and now Fitterer brain trust have brought us Teddy Bridgewater AND Sam Darnold and a fourth year of losing 

    Pray for the best 

  2. 16 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

    Darnold has not been given a chance outside of the hell that was NY.  I think you are prejudging him too harshly-you might be right, but I think we all agree that he will improve.  The debate is really about how much.

    Will he?   He better 

  3. 2 hours ago, Moo Daeng said:

    Why can't I be hopeful that Darnold improves like people are being hopeful that guys like Wilson and Lance can produce for more than one season at low levels of competition?

    You absolutely can be optimistic.  

    I’m just a ‘leopard doesn’t change its spots’ person 

    getting away from Gase, Tannehill improved enough to be good enough to displace Marriota and be their franchise Qb 

    would he succeed everywhere, no but he is what he has always been and if I’m an owner, I want the best QB I can get for the money paid.    Others would be content.  Which do you think Tepper is? 

    my thing with darnold, he has arm talent, but does he have the brain and more importantly,  the confidence and guts,  to pull the trigger for a winning drive consistently    I’m not sure 



  4. 1 hour ago, Tbe said:

    I think the “plan” is to exercise it if Fields doesn’t drop to 8.

    Exactly right 

    panthers covered their bets. It’s a win either way, even for  Darnold if he plays well  if he doesn’t play well, Fields is there.

    Darnold hasnt exactly set the world on fire. In QBR, number 33.  

    Time is up for him and any excuses 

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  5. I’m a season ticket holder....very invested in the team 

    at the end of the day, it’s Fitterer and Rhule’s ass if this Darnold experiment bombs 

    I’ll say in this thread what I said in another, if the HC AND GM both agree that Fields is the QB of the future and can work in Brady’s system or in whatever system remains when Brady leaves, take him.

     It is as simple as that 

    as for Darnold, it hedged their bets and allows them to get rid of Teddy.  Whatever really went in with Teddy, it’s a full and total break.  They don’t want him here period 

    As for Darnold, he now has to produce.  No more excuses as there were in college and pros.  Produce or he will follow Teddy out the door and if Matt andScott don’t get it right, they are next 

  6. If Fields is there, I have zero problem if they take Fields at 8 if they truly  believe he is the guy or will be the guy  drafting in the top 10 again best not happen again   Since Rhule screwed the pooch on the QB lottery, he is where he is.

    they covered their bets with Darnold 

    Is the smart thing trade down, or take a cb or OT, probably but it’s poker, if you really believe in fields and he is there, you take him. Get your LT in the second and cb in third 

    next year them, if Darnold is serviceable, you trade him.  Let someone else carry the 18 million.  If he is fabulous, you can trade fields   Somehow fabulous and darnold in the nfl don’t go together 

  7. 41 minutes ago, Varking said:

    He’s going to be just fine. Never missed a game in college and the only games in high school he missed was from a broken finger. This is a non issue. 

    For his sake, I hope so but the NFL with 17 games plus Pete and post season and OTAs and training camp  is a whole different level and his chances of a collision much greater and more cumulative hits as well

    really like him    Hope it is nothing 


  8. 1 hour ago, mrcompletely11 said:

    Maybe but there are a lot of guys out there breaking fields down and seeing the same thing.   If he was a slam dunk we would have moved to 3

    Maybe they tried but 49ers offer too rich vs a rebuilding team 

  9. I believe the Panthers will take the highest rated player available in the draft in spite of need

    i believe they will find line help (o and d)  in RD 2 and down 

    if their highest rated player be it tackle, cb. TE, WR isn’t there at 8, they will trade down 

    highest rated equals a player who can change a game 

    I know some think that’s stating the obvious but with DJ going into a contract year, drafting the top rated WR is not out of the question, and get a OT in RD 2, is not out of the question 

    would I run for a LT, yes, but their are salary cap and ability to resign issues to consider too 


  10. 20 hours ago, Missouri Cat Fan said:

    Makes me so jealous you all get to watch them in person. I only get to watch when they play the chefs in person. I'm hoping this year or next I will be able to attend a home game for the first time. And actually see them win a game in person. 3 times no Bueno. 2x chefs and in Atlanta when we were 15-0.  😭😭

    I’ve seen tremendous achievements by players and teams  in person in the stadium 

    I’ve also sat through Chris Weinke and Jimmy Clausen   It sucks  the life and money right out if a person and nothing worse than being the home team during loss and having to deal with Steelers, Pats, Saints or Redskins (god when will the Panthers stop playing them each year) fans 

    you have to look at as a day of entertainment outside with your friends, win or lose.

    nothing more....as the old saying goes ‘you pay your money and take your chances’ 

  11. 11 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    He's on the roster now so hopefully he works out. If he doesn't work out I just hope that he bombs HARD. We don't need 5 or 6 wins again. Go big or go home. Be the answer or be our Clausen 2.0. Anything in between would just plain suck.

    Yep, since 1995, I’ve seen a lot of Clausens

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  12. 20 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:

    Cool. I'd be interested if they have any available.

    If you are silver club, they should have given you a concierge with a name and phone number 

    I think your Endzone seats were taken from you and they moved you to the 300 level and as part of that, they should have given you a direct name and number 

    call the ticket office and make them do the right thing here 

    I’ve used that concierge for numerous things. Good luck 

  13. 4 hours ago, Happy Panther said:

    Cool. Do you get these from the Panthers or a third party?


    Panthers.  Part of my tickets and price of silver club 

    it used to be a perk, now it’s a paying separate perk 

    I noticed a lot of  survey questionnaire questions about parking recently. I would not keep mine without it. Driving from Raleigh and back for games on the same day, it really helps 

    only time I stay over is of the game is past 4pm, then dealing with 277, 85, 40 at might is too much 

  14. 4 hours ago, Pantera1 said:

    I don't recall seeing this. Anybody else have a similar experience?  

    Believe me it happened as my season tickets stayed the same but my invoice jumped $400 for parking.  

    It wasn’t never ever separate before. It was part of Silver Club.  No more 

  15. Mine were more expensive this year 

    suddenly parking is separate and an add in whereas before it was part of my ticket price 

    nothing to be done about it. I need the parking 

    looking forward to being there in a full stadium this year 

    missed it last year 

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