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  1. Its not a big deal. Chase was very good and Chinn had a few bad games. Im extremely excited that we have a real playmaker safety for once. Burns, Chinn, Brown... Foundation for greatness
  2. Watson has a no trade clause. They cannot trade him without his consent so he does hold some power
  3. Its not a wash. That could end up being the qb pick along with the two 1st round guys that put us over the top in future years.
  4. i wouldnt have given 2 first for jalen, but he is a generational talent. I love Watson and he has thr power to ok/negate a trade while the texans have little leverage. Im not giving 3 1st for any qb. Especialy possible top 10 picks
  5. no way. inwouldnt give more than 2 1sts and a 3rd
  6. no trade clause. couldnt he force a trade with us if our organization was where he wantd to play?
  7. Unreal.. This is why i dont spend money on nfl anymore
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