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  1. I’ve been on it since day one. Was my favorite QB in the draft at least a month before the draft went down. Love the guy.
  2. Tore a tendon in my middle finger in college playing basketball. That was brutally painful but the road to recovery wasn’t so bad. BUT I snapped my Achilles playing basketball in a YMCA league at 26. That was horrific. The pain was intense and making a full recovery took over nine months. I still have a wicked scar and while I can run around, hike, play sports now etc I will still sometimes get an aching feeling just above my heel if I’ve been working out or running extensively. ACL injuries are no doubt terrible but snapping your Achilles results in losing pretty much all of the burst and spring you had in that leg. It just doesn’t ever work like it used to after the fact.
  3. CMC is just probably the best RB in the league when he’s on the field so this doesn’t surprise me. The quest is do we get at least 14 games out of him this season or only 8?
  4. Anything is possible. Look at the Milwaukee Bucks. All it takes is that one special player and you can win a championship. The likelihood is low and it’ll have to be through hitting a home run in the draft (probably twice in the span of 2-3 years) but it is possible
  5. I have noticed. He’s built that hard earned reputation brick by brick lol
  6. You are one positive poster, huh? Sheesh. If there’s nothing at all to be even somewhat optimistic about between the Hornets and Panthers then maybe it’s time to take a step back for awhile.
  7. We’ll see. I think your assessment is pretty damn stupid. You think that mine is. No point in continuing to discuss it with you.
  8. I was upset about the trade as well. Felt we lost a lot of value there. But that wasn’t Williams fault and I disagree on his potential in the league. He’s got a nice looking free throw. Good form and shot it at a high percentage which indicates he can develop a jump shot in the next few years. And his ability to defend is elite.
  9. Show me on this doll where Mark Williams touched you
  10. Holy poo dude it’s a joke. It’s not like he’s making an actual political statement. Learn how to laugh some. Sheesh.
  11. I maintained throughout his entire time here that he was more important to us than KK and that if we could only keep one it should be Star. He didn’t get the credit cause he didn’t fill the stat sheet. But he made everyone around him better.
  12. I’ve been feeling pretty bad about both Baker and the Panthers situation overall but if Skip thinks it’s bad then maybe this is all gonna work out alright.
  13. I love the potential size and athleticism. My only disagreement (which isn’t really a disagreement because I want Bouk to play way more) is I can’t see us sorting Rozier on the bench. He’s too good to do that to him. But Bouk needs more minutes. I could accept trading Rozier because I think it could make sense. But I have a hard time wrapping my mind around not starting him if he’s on the roster. Everything else I’m with you on entirely
  14. That’s what it felt like we got on draft night to me haha
  15. I would add to what you’ve said but you’ve already said it best in this thread.
  16. I really want nothing to do with Simmons
  17. Slip something in his lean. He drinks plenty of that apparently
  18. If the logic behind trading pick #13 was to have enough cap to sign match competitive offers then that trade really looks like we poo the bed now. Wow. And it’s too bad cause he’s been my favorite player on the team. Disappointing.
  19. I was in the D’Antoni camp before it was even reported we had any interest in him. Sadly it didn’t work out but I do wonder if he turned us down the second time after we dissed him for Atkinson. Are we sure we hired Cliff over D’Antoni or did D’Antoni say “nah, you guys didn’t want me the first time so I don’t want you now” because I’ve sorta assumed that’s what happened and we basically cornered ourselves into having to get Cliff
  20. Well don’t include me in that. And I also made this post hours before the Clifford signing happened. Felt sure D’Antoni would be named our next HC. Vegas odds did as well. Very frustrating
  21. Yeah... top shelf integrity and nothing but facts. They have always worked super hard for it. Lolz https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/deansterlingjones/snopes-cofounder-plagiarism-mikkelson https://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2016/12/22/the-daily-mail-snopes-story-and-fact-checking-the-fact-checkers/?sh=21378445227f https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/13/business/media/snopes-plagiarism-David-Mikkelson.html
  22. Well I posted this before the Clifford hire and yeah I’m pretty bummed about him. However the point you make about Golden State is irrelevant. We weren’t going to be seriously competing with them this year no matter what we did this off-season. This team is young and still developing. If you thought we could compete with the Warriors this season at any point then you were fooling yourself. Williams has to get minutes because we else do we even have? Kai could be a question mark for PT but I think he’ll see the court a lot more this year as well. I understand that it’s pretty easy to feel negatively about this team right now. But the point I was making was this team is young and insanely tall and athletic and as they continue to develop we should have a solid squad.
  23. We have the pieces in place after drafting Mark Williams to have an unreal combination of size and athleticism on this roster. PG Ball 6’7 SG Rozier 6’1 SF Bridges 6’7 PF Kai Jones 6’10 C Mark Williams 7’1 Obviously Rozier is a smaller SG but the rest of this team is massive. Not only that but the young bigs can absolutely fly down the court for their size making our fast break game deadly. Kai Jones has been working on his outside game a lot this offseason. He’s been working on shoot threes and his catch and release since the season ended. With his size and defensive tenacity, combined with Mark Williams, I think we see a much improved defense this year. And I think we see ball feast on assisting this crazy athletic bigs in transition. I’ll be honest, I felt like we could have gotten more from the Duren trade last night and that has me a bit upset. I still feel the trade was underwhelming. But I love the construction of this team. If Kai Jones can take a step forward and get decent playtime this year, which I anticipate he will, then this team is going to be exciting. We’ve been undersized. That no longer looks like it will be the case. Williams and Jones are two really big and lengthy players that can both defend really well. That’s their biggest strength. Jones has more offensive potential than Williams but both are great around the rim and both are amazing defending the paint and running the floor. Bridges has great size and athleticism and Ball is another freakishly big player for his position. Point being, we should have a roster that can create a ton of mismatches going forward. The team is very young and it could take another year or two before it really catches fire for this team but the vision is pretty clear. We have the foundation to be a mismatch no matter what teams throw our way. If you play small ball against us then we will hurt you with our size. And if you try to neutralize our size then we will kill you in transition with our athleticism. For all the frustration I felt last night regarding the trade, I am VERY optimistic about this roster moving forward. Once we shed Hayward we can use that cap to keep this core moving forward and I really feel positive about where it will lead us. This team is going to be really tough to handle once it gets a little more experience under its belt. Don’t sleep on Kai Jones either. If he can start knocking down threes, oh boy. Watch out. We are in good shape. I understand the frustration after last night. I was frustrated too. But I do feel this is the best position this team has been in probably ever. A young core with elite size and athleticism is a good thing to have. We are going to be a headache moving forward in the very near future.
  24. True. The most important thing currently is making sure he wants to stay in Charlotte. So if he’s happy then I can’t complain really
  25. I agree. Williams is a 7’2 freak. If he can develop an offensive game then he has the tools to be an incredible player. Regarding the trade, I think Mitch tried to get cute and ended up laying an egg. Maybe we can at least package the two 1sts next year to get that missing piece. But as it stands right now, this trade was ugly. I am reasonably happy with Williams though. His size and length is incredible. He could be a great player if he can learn to score consistently.
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