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  1. I guess we are about to find out. He hit his stride later in the game last night and was a damn good runner in college. I don’t know if he’s a 1,2 down back but I trust him more in that role than I do trusting him as an outlet for Darnold on 3rd and 8
  2. Just mentioned on another comment that he’s never been that great of a runner out of the backfield. He’s really a WR but with a RBs body. He’s fast but he’s not a burner and he’s never been good as a traditional RB. But I view him as a poor mans James White and a reliable check down for Darnold on 3rd and long. He’s not an elite RB but he’s damn good catching balls and can make something happen in space. I will feel MUCH better with someone like him because Hubbard just isn’t comfortable catching passes at this point.
  3. Yeah, I had the same thought. Really surprised he isn’t signed with someone right now. Especially with the Ravens and 49ers injury issues. Hes not been a great runner out of the backfield so I guess that’s why, but he really is a poor mans James White which is certainly worth having.
  4. Duke is one hell of a pass catching back and probably has a bit more left in the tank than Gurley at this point. Duke is great catching balls out of the backfield and is really dangerous in open space. He helps mitigate the loss of CMC more than Gurley would imo
  5. Hell of a pass catch back. I really like Chuba but it’s clear he’s still not very comfortable catching the ball. Duke would definitely be a nice pickup for passing downs if he still has it in him.
  6. Kid has wheels too. Three rushing TDs now and he has a 25-30 yard run called back off hold but he can move when he has the room.
  7. As someone who has an unhealthy man crush for JC Horn, a broken foot fugging sucks but let me bring in some positive healthy objectivity. This is WAY better than a torn Achilles. He will most likely be back this season for one thing, but even beyond that, can probably maintain his explosiveness. An Achilles would have been a season ended and may have taken some of his explosiveness away forever. This fugging sucks, but considering the non-contact, carted off the field injury, this is basically best case scenario.
  8. The biggest advantage this defense has imo is that it is built for the times. In 2015 the league was still a pass heavy league but we had very little investment in our DBs. We could obliterate the run game and we could rush the passer, but if we didn't get to the QB quickly enough, guys would be open downfield. This defense has been built to blanket receivers and aid the vicious pass rush. Half the team can drop back in coverage effectively. Burns, Reddick, Shaq etc. And then we finally invested in the secondary. Horn looks like a legit lockdown CB in the making, Jackson continues to improve, Chinn we already know is elite and can play pretty much anywhere and we haven't even seen the defense with Bouye yet. And lastly, we have a DC who is damn creative in what he does with all of our versatility. Ron Rivera knew how to build a defense but he was one of the most predictable coaches in the league and so you always knew sort of what we would try to do. Snow has a bunch of players than can be moved all over the field. And he isn't afraid to mix up what they are doing and keep the opposition guessing. It is too early but IMO there is a real chance this defense could become our best ever. Maybe not this year, but in time. I mean half this defense is playing on rookie deals currently and they are our better half of our squad. The potential this unit has is pretty staggering.
  9. Assuming Darnold proves to be extension worthy, I’m not sure he’ll break the bank. While he will get paid, it’s unlikely he’ll warrant a huff deal by the time we are extending him and even if he’s coming off of a monster season, I would imagine he would prefer to stick around in Carolina after we revived his career, especially after experiencing the NYJ and how important it is to find the right fit. DJ will be paid elite money. Burns will be paid elite money. Reddick will be paid close to elite but similar to my hopes for Darnold, he may take a little less to stick here with Rhule and Snow who he obviously loved playing for. We are one of the most cap abundant teams. I think we will manage to work this all out.
  10. Didn’t your teams coach staff fugging incentivize injuring opposing players, you muppet? Yeah. Stay classy.
  11. To be fair to you, you weren’t entirely wrong. He does look like somebody’s drunk uncle. Looking back through that thread gave me quite a chuckle.
  12. That’s your loss. It was a great work of art.
  13. Same here my friend. This has been a very fun first two weeks. And with all the playmakers we have on offense, if we can consistently hold teams to 20 or less all year then we should win a lot of games.
  14. We don't play Tampa or the Bills until pretty late this season (I think both games against Tampa and the Bills game are both in the last 4 weeks of the season) so the Dallas game will be the earliest we get to see him covering an elite receiver with an elite QB.
  15. I do say good sir, and with all due respect, that by the time we play again this year our offense will be in full swing. Darnold will be airing it out to big play making receivers while you can expect at least one mid field 6 point Sally from McCaffery. There's no jumbo gumbo bowl big enough to calm your hunger nor no dollop of Saint's bourbon infused special sauce strong enough to quench your thirst this year. Hence forth I'm afraid everyday will make Drew Brees feel like a distant memory, like a warm nap under shade in the Louisiana evening. Try as you might to numb this ever growing pain the way your general Sean Payton may with over the counter prescriptions, your glory days for now will be soon put to rest. When a man hungers for crab legs more than the theoretical Ws he creates and eats with the palm and fingers of his own hands, you'll soon see you have a problem that not even Taysom Hill can dig you out of. I can only hope for your sake that your soul can find a way to let you down easy as the New Orleans Saints sails slowly sink into a forgettable nothingness forever more. Rest your soul.
  16. Dumb ass mistakes happen sometimes. Mahomes literally tossed the ball into a Ravens hands to avoid a sack late in the game last night that may well have cost KC the win. And he’s the best QB in the league. Sometimes sh*t happens. Darnold played a very good game. Focusing in on one mistake where he tried to make a play isn’t indicative of him as a QB at this point.
  17. I still genuinely feel this is rebuilding year #2. I anticipated (and said as much) that I expected this rebuild to take three years after Cam left, Luke left, TD, Bradberry, etc. I expected us to be the worst defense in the league last season. Now we may prove to be top 10 this year potentially. But if these rookie OL need a year to learn their trade, I’m fine with that. I can be patient. It’s still rebuilding year #2 and while I’m very thankful it appears to be going more quickly than I had anticipated, I’m still going to look at it through this lens. We are still starting tons of young players. Bringing along a new young QB (not a rookie, but still learning a lot after being grossly mishandled in New York) and still lacking depth in a lot of areas. I was giving it 3 years before I expected us to have any shot at a playoff appearance. Everything extra for now is just gravy
  18. You are spot on. I have been in favor of the Darnold trade since we made it. In part because I didn’t want to give up multiple 1st round picks for a QB (Watson, Stafford or a rookie) and in part because I think with Darnold the talent is clearly there. He wasn’t good with the Jets but he still had a highlight reel you could look at and say “wow, this dude has a very accurate arm, can make every throw and is surprisingly mobile” I’ve been saying all along that I thought Darnold would have been the 2nd QB taken in this years draft. And look at how bad Zach Wilson is struggling in NY now. There were a lot of huddlers riding his hype train, some suggesting we trade 3 first rounders to get him. I think we may have gotten a better QB for a 2nd. There’s a long way to go, but Darnold never had a fair shot in NY and Wilson doesn’t now either. There was a loud mob on here insisting he just wasn’t that good and if he was he would have been more successful with the Jets. So far he is proving them wrong and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  19. Dallas will be the first game we get credit for, assuming we win. But our defense is playing amazing right now and their defense will struggle to cover our skill positions you would imagine. I’m not saying we will win it. It seems likely to be our toughest test yet. But if we beat the Texans this week and then take down Dallas to go 4-0 then suddenly the love for this team will start pouring in and we will become a lot of peoples “dark horse” picks after that game.
  20. I was about to post this! Luke was also super versatile. He could do everything you asked him to do. Could cover some WRs. But imagine having all that in the middle with his ability to make reads on the field and direct and make adjustments pre snap. This defense is already looking very good. Really wish Luke could be in the middle of it.
  21. I agree. I am just tired of the negativity. And I am not going to to be negative while we are 2-0 lol
  22. I just have a bad taste in my mouth when we are called "cocky" after humiliating the team that is, in my opinion, our most hated division rival and going 2-0 to start the season. Yeah, its early. We have a very long way to go. But its been damn negative in this place for a year. I am going to celebrate like a fan for the start we are off to, a defense that currently looks vicious and a QB that is showing he may be more capable than what a lot of the huddle haters gave him credit for being. It's pretty normal to be excited based on what we have done so far. And I am going to be.
  23. Exactly. I am not predicting a SB this year but damn its been nonstop negativity by the "realists" all offseason and now we are 2-0 but not supposed to be excited about it? lol
  24. I don’t disagree. That said the dude is playing very well. Making throws under pressure, putting the ball where his receivers can run after the catch. What’s triggering me is we just smashed the Saints who just smashed the Packers and those of us enjoying it are being called cocky. I thought it was more “being a fan” and celebrating being 2-0 after embarrassing a division rival, but hey, what do I know?
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