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  1. Badass, u dat deal main!

  2. Congrat's on your victory! Saw you won the poll, and by twice as much as jangler!

  3. Damn, nice stang there coolPepper!

  4. Did someone say football? Been a while Coolpepper, how have you been bro?

  5. Exactly, they won't be doing high risk stuff there anyway. It's nothing more than what they would do in OTAs, probably less. I had fun during that little exchange, but over team organized workouts? Good talking to ya CoolPepper!

  6. Goku rulz! Love the Avatar rippadonn.

  7. Good luck in sin city, hope you break the bank man!!

  8. Good man, hope your good, just got back from vacation, been gone a week. Loved the time with the wife and kid's. Just got to get back in the groove here at work, I'll talk to you soon. Stay safe Mike.

  9. Grits, u dat deal main!

  10. Hello london, is it raining there?LOL have a good weekend man.

  11. Hey Badass, hope your doing good bro!

  12. Hey badAss, see some strange post's in the AM huh? lol Hope your all good mayne!

  13. Hey man, did'nt know until recently that your in Cali. Good to know your out there rep. for the Panthers! Talk to ya later bro.

  14. Hey man, sweet profile pic bro.

  15. Hey Mike, you too bro, been so busy, it's been almost a week since I've had a chance to catch my breath. Be on vacation next week, I'll catch up with ya man!

  16. How are ya Mike? Tell me you won in vagas? Money that is LOL!

  17. I have to give credit to london67, he posted it in the couple of question's thread. I hate to say it but Jerry's been the butt of a few joke's around here, maybe I laugh due to stress?LOL

  18. I hope Smitty retires a Panther Pork Chop, but with this damn CBA mess were in a constant holding pattern. I'am sure Cam wants Smitty to stay as much as we do, lets hope thats enough.

  19. I mean did you get to go to the game? I'll never forget that game.

  20. I think it was an NFL commercial, but I've seen smitty do it in many games. I hope drafting Cam might sway him to stay a Panther.

  21. Just left the thread you started, tried to give you some rep. Waitin on 8:30, when I get off work. Hope your doing good!

  22. Just Working, trying to take care of the family. Next time I see you on the board I'll give you some pie!

  23. Lilsmitty, sup man, hope to see a new vid soon!

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