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  1. This is what I will be using tonight, Worked well last year. https://reditt.crackstreams.gg/game/carolina-panthers-houston-texans-live-stream/272985
  2. Good luck Teddy, hope you do well @ your new home!
  3. I watch and listen to you guys on the Big Cat videos with UNK, RAY and yourself along with other regulars. "Keep your Paws up"
  4. C-Mac is like his name...a MAC truck, (workhourse) work that horse while he's still young!!
  5. Redskins' mission is to keep Cam from Dancing, there will be dancing in the end zone as well as the stands today.
  6. "little one" Lol. Young man, I wish you well in the future. Oh keep using the word "Fug" if it makes you feel older.
  7. I'm back from the future, the bad news is that there will be a scary moment but everything turns out okay. The good news is we win this game by 10 points.
  8. I've been looking for a reason to post this, good for a laugh.
  9. ♫ Put your claws in the air like you just do not care. ♫
  10. "Holy genetically created just for Cam's periodical high sailing passes, Batman"
  11. Nothing ever goes in my right pocketWhile driving and I see a cup or plastic bottle in the road, it MUST get flattened.If there is a bag on the road, I must drive over it to make it fly up the highest of everyone else.Everything gets turned off in my car before I turn the key off.
  12. Looking forward to today's, "Thousands to gather and hold hands across the water for church shooting victims"http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20150620/PC16/150629887
  13. Outside and inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, people of all color and races coming together to show support. Proud of my city.
  14. I was in my 30s when the Panthers were born, I watched the exhibition games they played here when the NFL wanted to see what type of support NC/SC would give to pro football before the teams were awarded. The local news called them the "Carolins Blues" before they officially had a name. Was an Eagles fan back when they went to the super bowl against the Raiders. After getting wind of a possible expansion team being in Carolina, never once looked back!
  15. What kind of question is that? How old are you, like 12? I'll explain it for you. One depends on the other to become what it is. Can ...you... understand... now?
  16. 100% - Pie wouldn't be pie without its crust, just like Cam wouldn't a QB without his football.
  17. Call Bill Murray, he'll take care of that giant varmint poontang.
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