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  1. I've come to the conclusion that arguing with people online doesn't open minds even when presented with facts. It really only acts as a release for me
  2. Hot take Thanks for screwing is over Kuechly
  3. Only point of contention is the OPs preference of boneless wing quantity over quality of bone-in wings
  4. My dress shirt sleeve length is 36/37 what are these guys, t-rexs
  5. I think he hung around until cam went HAM
  6. Since expected Sewell to be gone this is accurate.
  7. Not saying it's a bad pick but I've got a hunch they couldn't get a trade executed which was their preference.
  8. I think they scrambled when the Lions took Sewell and not a WR
  9. Gap between sewell and slater is big Def an option if they move back a bit
  10. They like Horn but not ahead of chase sewell and pitts They like him more than slater
  11. True story But not as much as chase sewell or pitts
  12. I remember doing it but have no clue why...unless it was a miller lite. For me merely holding one is akin to a vampire holding a crucifix
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