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  1. We already established you cant think for yourself.
  2. How did people survive before the internet/tv/radio days? No need to try to answer that question, it will only make you look less educated.
  3. Its crazy how thinking for yourself is a crazy idea.. We are past changing each others mind, so I have just buckled up and going to ride this out. Good always wins over evil.
  4. I know free thinking is a hard concept, but long story short.. You look at things and make your own mind up. Give it a shot, start small.. You can do it!
  5. I shut the news off a long time ago bud. You should do the same and think for yourself. Peace!
  6. You are joking right? Need to turn off CNN for a bit..
  7. Tell me the vax is political without telling me its political... He still has covid...
  8. Saving that spot for Watson..
  9. When this happens people will start retiring early.
  10. Must be why we drafted Hubbard. CMC may be next.
  11. Cams vax status had nothing to do with it.. Im waiting for a good player to be cut over their vax status.. Show me CMC, D Hopkins, Lamar Jackson, or any other player that is a star get cut for not getting a vax.
  12. I thought they all were vaccinated?
  13. Must have just kicked the tires a little.
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