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  1. shut it...and post more tits! imagine the uproar if I bant you for it!!!

  2. did you get the tits I sent you a couple days back?

  3. mmm...please send her to my room...I'm stuck in Dumas Texas...this week and next....Dumas...ya...it's as thrilling as it sounds!

  4. I'll take any of the three and be happy!!!

  5. nice!!! if you think I'll be disappointed...wait until you see how much I will disappoint her!!!!

  6. not sure if anyone cares, just thought I'd mention it

  7. who do you think really gives a poo though

  8. vacation, very limited internet

  9. hahahahaha....you got that right...on both counts!

  10. and an asshole!!!!

  11. I'm never funny damn it!!!

  12. and your name isn't even in my last 10!!!

  13. sorry buddy...but you watch...you'll get more out of it than you think...I've played this game before!!!

  14. you're so easy...I just like to tease you...and it works...thanks for the rep

  15. thanks for the morning boobs!!!

  16. lol...once the first million went by, the number didn't really matter anymore! I still like to get it and always enjoy the comments.

  17. funny...I just said the same thing in the rep I just sent you!!!

  18. nice! and now back to reality!

  19. that's lovely...as is the new avatar!!! How was your long weekend?

  20. no....I'm not done licking it yet

  21. I'm a boob, not an ass

  22. ya...I hear ya there. Can upgrade the computer memory for zillions of bits...but not the human brain

  23. you said I had too much swag!

  24. there's no such thing as too much!

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