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  1. You're getting poops, but you're right. Im not sure why you are getting so much poop.
  2. couldn't get past the first paragraph
  3. Sounds like this guy would argue that the Bears got massive value for trading up for Mitch Biscuit.
  4. Not keeping who you bring in is wasted resources. You could, say, use that resource to move up in the draft and choose someone you actually really want. He is content at DE and didn't think the rookies available would have any more impact than someone we already have. It wasn't valuable.
  5. I don't really like clicking for each sentence I have to read, reminds me of some clickbait crap. I like the content though.
  6. Not like anyone was waiting to read a post of yours. If you don't like a thread it is best to just stop reading and don't post.
  7. I would say he made big strides in his rookie season. I hope he continues his progress of course.
  8. Eh I don't listen too much to evening radio. I would rather listen to the guy on now than Marc "with a C" James. Still though I think what the current guy does is bite on the easy story to get callers. Today he did some bit about knocking the Carolina fanbase about always complaining about refs. Well all fan bases to that, honestly. It doesn't really matter. I've seen some pretty dumb panther talk on facebook; people can be just plain stupid with their comments. That is always going to be a thing with any fan base. Instead he made it a Carolina issue. Seemed like it was an easy way to some radio time.
  9. I'm happy because you tole me to be happy.
  10. To be honest I've barely heard anything about the super bowl its all about these fugging balls and who did what and who didn't do what. There are two weeks between the Conference champ games and the super bowl; in that time they usually talk about the super bowl. Its the fugging super bowl, the biggest sporting event in the US and as soon as its over we all get a little depressed because there is no more football for like 8 months.
  11. Ok I apologize. 1. I never said it was a crime. 2. It doesn't have to be a crime. The public doesn't need a jury to have an opinion on character. 3. His actions thus far have been fairly reckless and asinine. So this instance of violence or whatever doesn't surprise me. He isn't maturing. Now If I'm a GM I'm not going to throw loads of money at him.
  12. the fug? i doubt there was a suicide bomber in charlotte, man
  13. so? he posted a pic of his speedometer on twitter of him going some ridiculous speed. thats stupid and reckless. public opinion does not correlate with innocent until proven guilty.
  14. so our GM can see the future. now im all in on gettlemagic
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