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  1. As Panther fans, we have never seen a combination of a coaching staff, front office, and ownership with this much credibility and competence. This is also partnered with a modern mindset that is hyperfocused to have the best possible roster possible to win on Sundays. I think we are also seeing how much of a roadblock J. Richerdson was as an owner that hindered all this from coming together in the past: *Hiring, firing, and rehiring a GM like Hurney. *His refusal to part with cash *Hancuffing a front office from making aggresive moves bc that player has tattoos or some other non football related JR bias. *Pissing off 75% of the players union with his pie chart that blacklisted Charlotte as a free agent possibility. Tepper buying the team is the burning sage that should purge the demons from for the previous ownership and clownshow. Even if you are not a fan of Tepper you have to admire that once he decided to scrap the incumbent staff..this team and front office has elevated it's credibility very quickly
  2. A friend of mine took a picture with him after they met at a resort bar. He looked like he was actually 5'5.
  3. They say when we wear the all blue color rush uniforms you can still hear the ghost of Tony Romo's collarbone scream "retttirreeement"
  4. We would have Will Grier starting this season and we would have Amini Silutolu come out of retirement to play LT.
  5. Remember that Kyle Pitts is either the best, generational or at least the highest rated Tight End ever for some draft scouts. Tommy Tremble 1 TD Kyle Pitts 0 (insert crying Jordan here) Touchdown aside, once Tremble gets 2 seasons under him I think he will be in the top 5 mix at Tight End in the league.
  6. This is my favorite sports show on You Tube and totally agree with this list.
  7. Saints = Frauds and they have resumed bounty gate..fug em so much
  8. "Middling" is just going to be the type of respect that media groups based in NYC/large markets will give a young, small market team. If we duplicate that performance next week against the Saints it will be because Crablegs is a "middling" QB and not because this defense has some elite talent Even during the 15-1 season we got the "who have they played?" caveat on a lot of analysis. I'd prefer to sneak up and blindside the media with a "Middling" roundhouse punch of reality when this dynamic defense is top 10 or higher.
  9. Where does your fantasy team with Brady and Antonio Brown vs Panther fandom intersect? F the Cowboys foreva!
  10. The only way we lose to the Jets is cheap turnovers like muffed punts. Id say the best scenario week 1 is DJ or Christian and the fair catch arm wave or just get out of the way.
  11. if just 2 its Luke and Cam. Forget positional needs. Cam was not really down by 4 in 2015 so save Jake's stat...Cam also never had 5 turnovers in the NFC vhampionship game so Cam > cajun bowl cut and I love Jake. My original sign up name was Jambalayah! in honor of Jake's signing but Cam and Jake are not in the same dimension.
  12. They got Funchised again! That Gettleman era WR class has been stellar!
  13. Is Rhys Lloyd available? Is Slye basically what would have happened if we just had Lloyd kick field goals?
  14. His name is....Harrison Butker and it still makes no sense to me that Gano and his salary was kept. Harry-But is only the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL HISTORY!!
  15. I like to think that somewhere... Armanti Edwards and Rashaan Gaulden are laughing!
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