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  1. I hope you said something good about Cam in that linguistic bukkake or you might be shamed into oblivion. Wait you did so you appeal to the masses again. Lol
  2. I hope Allen gets to start and run from the tunnel and bask in his first Super Bowl annnnnd then sit for the rest of the game on 2nd down. Ron has to know the hot hand here.
  3. 3 and out here. Quit leaving guys wide open Or just give me a pick 6
  4. I am willing to reverse my vasectomy. Thanks in advance and i hope this doesn't impact Huddle Jamz IV.
  5. Hate to say it but Russ and others just make plays.
  6. Minny wants that stretch play to work on 1st and it isn't. I say roll Bridgewater on 1st to change up the tempo and offset the speed rush
  7. Game going like i thought early on. Field postion game.
  8. Before the fumble im saying take a knee. Make Pitt use all their time outs. First play was 1:36 to go. 3 runs and time outs it's at least 120 to 130. Kick a fg and now Pitt has to score a td with no timeouts. Hill has also had fumble issues all year.
  9. Deion is saying he texted to take it down. Lol
  10. Yeah i wonder if Porter should have been flagged?
  11. Oh and if you laid the points it was a push. Lol lol
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