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  1. :P...i hate the bucs and rays too if that makes u feel better!!
  2. your sig is making me lol

  3. good god i love your avatar!!!!!

  4. ya, when the servers were transferred my account couldnt have avatars on them. u know how i love avatars :D

  5. ya...alot of tampa fans I talked to said he shouldnt start and needs time...guess they were all wrong

  6. I never said that Freeman shouldnt start...as a matter of fact,John Lynch said it yesterday,the only mistake the Bucs have done this year is not starting Freeman 7 weeks ago

  7. I told you at the beginning of the season josh freeman should have started...idiot...next time your coach should have listened to me :lol:

  8. I hate to say it but your sig keeps distracting me

  9. haha good point. Good game yesterday, Your team played with a alot of heart. We both have crappy teams, but at least you guys are rebuilding. All you need is a better defense and a more compatent QB. All we need is a new coach and a new QB LOL...easier said than done..

  10. oh no...Rays fan, i hate the Yankees....do like the Angels though,until they play TB..lol

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