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2014 Huddle Champions League

Darth Biscuit

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Sound off if you're with us... I know we got so far...


Bleys (admin)

Darth Biscuit (me :) )








and a couple more that I can't tell from your team name who you are...



It's going down bitches.  I'm winning it all this year...  this is what ima do to ALL y'all



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What's that sound?


You got the JStew part correct... Problem is he's not the former badass we all know and love.

Your team might as well stick to riding the exercise bike all year long, but hey, beer is on me at the end of the year after you all essentially foot the bill.

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have about 5-6 people invited for our last spot.  Locking it at 12.  If something falls through I'll let you guys know.  Besides, you really feel like donating your money straight to my bank account?  You wouldn't even have to wait 48 hours to process.....

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It's so kind of you all to be willing to donate your hard earned money to my bank account. Cause let's be honest, that's where it's going to wind up anyways. 


Me vs you week 1, Biscuit. Prepare thy anus. 


Anyone know which Huddler "DC Gentrifiers" is?


DC Gentrifiers is Captroop...


oh, and THEEEEE KBRed was one not mentioned... 


Ok, I'll do it glad to beat my former garner pal (Bleys). Hope it's a standard and not IDP etc

MSG me


I have long ruined my reputation in that neighborhood and now you want me to beat up on defenseless fantasy footballers?  ;)

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