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Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

Jeremy Igo

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@Nflpanthers07 is my twitter handle.

Luke is literally the unsung hero of this team. Everyone talks about Cam, but really, Luke is the man.

My first trip to Charlotte, after waiting literally my whole life of a short 21 years, the first Panther to stop and sign an autograph and take a picture was Luke. He was not only friendly, nice and funny - but a bad ass as well. Bought myself his jersey and bought my girl one too - because apparently every girl in America finds him the hottest thing around and I'm okay with that.

u lucky SOB...u already have ur autograph

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Even California has hardcore Panther fans...And I consider myself one of the top fans out here in sunny California.

LOVE my Panthers!

My favorite player is indeed the one and only LUKE!  While I support our team and represent in multiple jerseys, shirts, pjs, etc. my special collection is devoted to Luke.  I decided early on that I would collect all of Luke's PRO BOWL jerseys, knowing he is a Hall of Famer in the making!  

And  to now have the chance to win a Luke signed Jeremy Igo professional photo....that's winning x 2!!!

I'm attaching a photo of my two Luke pro bowl jerseys, and a few of my other Panther items to show that while I don't have the luxury of a gal cave, I do carve out a Panther spot that trumps the other teams my family members root for.

Help a SoCal gal out - I don't have access to the games, to training camp, to meeting the players in person.  But winning this would sure be the next best thing.

TYVM for this cool contest! 

***if I do win, can I also get Jeremy to sign his photo?

Twitter handle: LegacyLines (Lynn)


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I felt inspired so i wrote a small poem. 



Remember, remember. The 10th of September. On the day of the Seasons commence. One future GOAT, fierce and Intense, will bless us more with his divine presence. Luke Kuechly is his name and he pisses excellence. We will witness, Greatness, Happiness, emotions of all sorts. All thanks to the man with the high nipple shorts. -Ivan 



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 - If Luke Kuechly was the loch ness monster, there would be a sighting every Sunday.

 - If Luke Kuechly were a UFO, offensive players would be Roswell, New Mexico.

 - If Luke Kuechly were Bigfoot, he wouldn't be as good in coverage.

 - If Luke Kuechly were a ghost, he'd scare the poo out of kids just like he does QB's.

 - If Luke Kuechly were the illuminati, his all-seeing eye would... still see everything the offense is doing.

 - If Luke Kuechly were on our football team... oh wait.


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