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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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    • Muscle memory.  The off hand is for stiff arming defensive linemen who are in his face after having collapsed the Jets offensive line.  If our O-line can be credible, the off hand placement should look more normal after a few games.
    • Lawdy, have we not had enough discussion on Fields? He is not, nor will be, a Panther.  He is irrelevant to any Panther discussion.  What might have been -- isn't.  Let's all let that ship sail away.
    • yes I'm seriously asking this. We passed on Fields because we had already invested in Darnold.  If we had pick 3 to start with we might not have invested in Darnold because at pick 3 we are guaranteed one of the top 3 QBs, at pick 8 we aren't.  Not sure what is so hard to understand about that. It wasn't a Fields vs Darnold decision on draft night.  The decision was made before than.   They real decision was do you spend a lot to draft capital to move up to 3 to guarantee a top-3 QB or spend less draft capital to guarantee Darnold. QB3 for 3 1st round picks to trade to pick 3 or Darnold for a 2nd, 4th, and 6th. Answer this, why did we acquire about pick 3?  Its very possible, and actually likely that it was for a QB. I'm not saying without a doubt they liked QB3 more than Darnold, I'm just saying its not as simple as Darnold vs Fields, you have to look at acquisition cost.  All things equal they might have prefered Fields but not all things were equal.  So a simple statement such as they liked Darnold more that Fields isn't necessarily true. Which means if we would have had pick 3 there is a chance we could have not traded for Darnold.        
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