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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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Wow funchess stepped up big near the end. For all those early drops thats huge props to him for stepping up when it really counted.

I kept the faith in Funch and he delivered when it mattered.  I kept the faith in our team today when others shattered in disillusionment.  I have been a Panthers fan since 1993…I have seen the good, the bad, and the fugly.

GOOD GRAVY this is the sweetest victory this year.  It's only going to get better.  The Cardiac Cats are hard on our hearts, but don't EVER give up.  It's not over yet!!!  #KEEPPOUNDING!

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Does anyone know, but my recollection is that we had 0 penalties on our defense.  No holding, no pass interference...

Is that right?  If so, that's just huge.

By contrast, we got a crucial 1st down on a SEA penalty that kept a scoring drive alive instead of a sack to kill the drive.

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    • There are very very few HCs that go beyond 10 years with one team, it’s almost unheard of. And it certainly does not consist of coaches not being able to win back to back season or who averages 8 wins a season over that span  with a team full of talent. Ron does best when his back is against the wall and he is forced to make moves. Aka injured starters, losing record etc. Notice ones the WFT started losing he is taking big chances in games. I think he goes for it on 4th more than anyone. Ron has grit. He will rally poor talent. He will make anyone soft tougher, he won’t have a really shirt 1/2 win season. However when he has choices, when he has options, and he must evaluate…he will fail. He cannot and will not adapt when his way does not work. His and Fox’s mantra has always been screw mismatches, schemes, or attacking vulnerabilities. It’s 1v1, man vs. man. Period. No matter what. And let the best man win, and if he’ll lose, it’ll be his way. This will breed mediocre success and, with the right personal, it can even go pretty far. Hell in the 90s, I think he would easily be a SB winning coach. However today there are two problems with that model, the inability to adapt. First there is no consistency. It won’t hold up over a period of time. Second, players now are different as are coaches.   They adapt and scheme, analytics and all that. They are playing positions differently. If you aren’t able to adapt and utilize the modern talent of players like Cam, CMC, or even Luke (towards the end of his career in the 3-4), aren’t able to evaluate talent on the sidelines but instead go for heart of a player,  ‘lose my way’ path of evaluating, instead trying to foster/come up with ideas for new talent, it will never be sustainable. All that said, in summary, he is a good ‘rollercoaster’ coach with the right personnel, in the right circumstance, with his back up against the wall. Living and dying by the sword will being some success, no failure, and a mass amount of mediocrity.
    • This needs to happen at minimum. I really do question his eye for talent. If he doesn't like it, then he goes the way of Chip Kelly.
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