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Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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good morning from Beijing.... no siriusxm ability, no wbt ability, no streaming ability but I am still grinding... wearing my Panthers shirt, rolling with you guys.

Would using a VPN (Virtual Private Network - allowing you to log in to a server in the US) help and allow you to stream WBT?  I'm in Africa, and a VPN is a major help for me in getting Panthers coverage.

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I had hotspot shield installed but the thing won't connect.... you have any actual links you use for vpn?

I'm using a service called Private Internet Access.  Really like it.  I paid for a subscription since I'm overseas for long chunks of time, but they may also have a free trial, I forget

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    • Hope Rhule can upset McCarthy, seems to be the ‘youngster vs the veteran’, ‘inexperience vs questionable experience’ kind of matchup.. flip a coin… practice doesn’t make perfect, proper practice makes perfect…. Brady vs Quinn is another tossup, IMO… Quinn has had our number but Brady ain’t Schula, shouldn’t be even close to the same gameplay… Now Phil Snow vs Kellen Moore ? I have serious reservations that Moore, a 6-7yr nfl veteran can outscheme, out call or out coach Snow, ‘old man strength’ in theory… McVey would absolutely be a challenge for Snow, can’t grasp that Moore might be…   So call it -1 for our HC, wash for our OC/ their DC, +3 our DC/ their OC… now it’s on the players, we should have them out coaches… in my biased objective mind, anyway…   need our o-line to play their best game of the season Sunday… yet……
    • Forgot to add- convid rules. I think all new players have to wait 3 days and have 2 negative tests to join team actives(5 for nonvac, but no one thats nonvacc is getting calls). Someone needs to double check this, cause _____   So depending on how/what/where - Monday was trade day. Its either Wednesday/Thursday before he can join the meetings/lift/practice. I know were my chips are......care to place yours? 
    • I know nowa days it’s edgy and easy to bitch and point out flaws, but can everyone complaining about PFF please provide your metrics and why it’s valid and then inform us of how the Panthers oline stacks up? I know it’s a lot to ask for substance, but I think it’s important. Also we need metrics with 0 flaws or subjectivity please. Serious request.
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