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Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread


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52 minutes ago, chknwing said:

because I really dont care for either and if I had to choose it would be ranch.  dipping your wings in either of those is for wussies that cant handle the heat from hot wings.

If your not sweating after eating hot wings, your not eating hot wings. 

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13 minutes ago, Montsta said:

Not all names on the board mean they are experts on that particular subject. 

For instance, instead of Montsta, my original name on here was going to be bigdickbandit, which would have been a complete falsehood. 

but if it was true, you would be an admin already

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1 hour ago, TheRed said:

With the rain, getting the run game established early will definitely be huge.

Any word on Kalil at all?

Fernando Velasco, who has appeared in two games this season, will start in Kalil's stead if the veteran is unable to play. Starting right tackle Mike Remmers could also play center.



I hope this is wrong.  Really want to see Remmers slide over and Willams get in on the action.  Anyone know?

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15 minutes ago, Jangler said:

Man, today feels like Christmas. I made sure to be off with nothing to do but cook up some chili, watch tv and open the present tonight. 

Oh yeah, I'm watching Halloween 1&2 original, since I didn't have time over the weekend.

Watched the 2007 Halloween for like 25 minutes last night before I realized wtf is this crap?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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