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Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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58 minutes ago, Chris1 said:

To be fair they're the 2x defending NFC Champions.

Add to that they held a good Vikings team to 7 points while the Saints, given up for dead after last week, burned our D (and O) for the same 38 pts. And a dash of the same ole disrespect we've been getting all year, and you've got the Rodney Harrisons of the world. 

Just more fuel for keeping the team fired up.

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    • Rhule will take a QB as it's the only thing that's going to save his job, or maybe he won't because he's too dumb to realize it. Right now Rhule is hated by the Panthers fanbase, more than any coach I can recall. We have people chanting "FIRE MATT RHULE" at Charlotte Hornets games. As the season begins, and progresses, people will become more heated towards Rhule, and a 5-8 win season isn't going to save him. Right now a 5-8 win season would be a rosey projection considering the players that will be lost in free agency, and the many holes in the roster. So what can save Matt Rhule? A fresh quarterback that plays marginally well. Bringing in someone that could be the new face of the franchise. If Matt Rhule found a quarterback that played moderately well, and gave fans something to cheer for, he would probably get another chance. Right now fans are already on, or can't wait to jump onto the tank. If we loose any of the first few games that tank is going to be overflowing, and fan pressure on Tepper to fire Rhule will be overwhelming. However, if we have a rookie QB that has played okay, or looks like he has a chance, there's going to be a lot of fans on the fence. I mean there's always that contigent of diehard fans that see the front office as doing no wrong. These fans on the fence could save Matt Rhule.  And if he somehow picks a great quarterback. Boom. It's like he was just hired.
    • it’s kind of a hilarious comment given how often a QB turns a bad team into a good one  
    • it is my rather unprofessional opinion that our offense performed better against the bucs than the eagles’s’s’ offense is performing.
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