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Saturday. Division game thread.


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Some interesting blurbs/stats prior to the Patriots game showing up on the ESPN feed

Winning in Foxborough is no easy task

In NFL history, the Patriots have the second-highest win percentage in home playoff games. The Seahawks (No. 1) and Packers (No. 4) rank highly as well, but both teams must travel this weekend.

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The winter wind... is a Patriot


With a win Saturday, New England would advance to the AFC Championship for a fifth consecutive season. The only team in the Super Bowl era that advanced to five straight conference championship games was the 1973-77 Raiders (via Elias).

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    • I understand what this guy is saying that at the time he signed his contract it was the richest CB deal in the league but now it isnt. The only part i dont agree with is if he gets the new big deal and is the highest paid again, IF he isnt the top rated CB in the league the next year should his pay then be dropped? Since he was the top and wants again paid as the top what if his production slightly falls of the next season? Should his pay then slightly drop off?
    • Today's takes... Anyone care to guess why Carolina didn't make a serious run at Grubauer? $5.9M for a top tier G isn't a bad price. I like Brandon Saad. Canes had a phenomenal PK last season and they could lock down defensively when they had to, but I don't see much roster improvement defensively that would justify the head-scratching goalie bind they found themselves in. It almost seems as though either no one was listening to Ned or his agent, or the Canes believed he would stay for a team-friendly salary. I don't know, but I have a pretty good idea Ned wanted to go and the Canes went in desperation mode looking for a goalie.  I know the Devils signed Dougie for $9M a year. But did you also know they're also paying PK Subban $9M a year? Subban's last 2 seasons in New Jersey: -21 (18 pts) and -16 (19 pts). NJ is paying Subban and Dougie almost as much as their entire roster of forwards....     
    • Worst case is he stinks it up and isnt over the issues in New York. Odds are against him that he will pan out but i will remain optimistic though i believe we will be looking for a QB1 at the end of this season AGAIN.
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