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One Carolina


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1 minute ago, Sam Mills Fan said:

They play in the South Division of the American Ultimate Disc League. Hey, say what you will about it, they managed to get me to find out that they exist and who they are and post about it on the Huddle. That's a win right there for them.

I am absolutely going to their home opener this season. I need to see this to believe it.

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2 hours ago, King said:

One of the reasons I don't root for NCSU despite being a graduate is the multiple people I know rooting for the Chargers and Seahawks purely because of the QB.

2 hours ago, CarolinaSunday said:

If you look at NCSU's Football Twitter ( @PackFootball ), it looks like they have some alumni involved with Arizona. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get involved....

1 hour ago, Panther_Brotherhood said:

No Duke, Clemson, State, or App St but the fuging Intimidators, HPU and Elon?  

49 minutes ago, The_Mango55 said:

Adrian Wilson is going to be Arizona's honorary captain this week so I don't think NCSU will be involved.

42 minutes ago, bleedsgreenandgold said:

Pathetic, especially after they just played in the Belk Bowl in Bank of America Stadium.

39 minutes ago, BIGH2001 said:

fug NCSU, don't even want them on board.  

4 minutes ago, CarolinaSamurai said:

Still need ECU, Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State 

Sorry guys... time to shun NCSU. I am very disappoint:


F*ck NCSU... 

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1 minute ago, joemac said:

The losers at State were probably rooting for Seattle last week.

Well, there weren't any big cheers for Wilson as he ran out of the tunnel (as there had been in the past :( ) so apparently very few of them made it to the game last week. XD

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