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Official NFC Championship Game Thread

Jeremy Igo

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

You're listening to WTMI, Charlotte North Carolina.


Hey, I was tricked. That Qu1million guy started it. And yes, I have jumped off the bridge with my friend. Got a stupid tattoo. And even stared at the sun. The wife says I'm gullible. I prefer to think of it as being a natural born "Hey that sounds cool" kinda guy.

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1 minute ago, RJK said:

Delaire is gonna eat


I'm trying to decide between... Who's he gonna eat? .... And, it's a big game, I hope he already had his lunch. Sooooo.....


The winner is??? What's he gonna eat? Me myself, I had toasted PB&J for lunch. Gonna have 1 of those Tostinos pizzas for the game.

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    • So Rhule was correct in saying "The process is working, we just can't see it yet?" We're improving but just not getting the W's? Nah, the only stat that matters is Wins. 
    • I don’t have confidence that they can make the playoffs. But I also think these 1 to 3 win predictions I’m seeing are too pessimistic. More likely in my mind is somewhere in the 5-6 range. We still have Atlanta twice, New Orleans again, Denver, Seattle, and Pittsburgh on the schedule. That’s another six games against mediocre to bad teams based on their early season performance.  Yes, as currently performing, we could lose some or all of those matchups, but I think it’s more likely that we can muddle through with a few victories in there.    As far as improving performance, I don’t think Baker is quite so bad as he’s shown. He has been awful. But part of that comes down to lack of reps, having arrived on the roster late in the off-season and enduring a dumb sham of a QB competition that prevented him from forming as much chemistry with his WR corps as he would have otherwise. He also is still getting more familiar with McAdoo’s offense. So I think he can improve his play from here on out. Am I hopeful that he’ll be serviceable? No. Improvement will likely put him in mediocre territory instead of worst in the league position. And the reason for that is that McAdoo’s offensive scheme is terrible. It is not tailored to our personnel. He should be utilizing Baker on more rollouts and play action since he is a bit jittery in the pocket. He should be calling more rub routes that can scheme receivers open to give Baker some lay up type throws. And he should be utilizing McCaffrey in the passing game, getting matched up on LBs that he can easily win against. That last bit may be the most inexcusable. It’s ignoring possibly our greatest weapon.    So for me, it comes down to whether McAdoo can install some better plays in the playbook and do a better job of situational play calling during games. Yes, the players have to execute, but he isn’t putting them in a position to succeed. A lot of our struggles on third down come down to failures on 1st and 2nd putting us in long distances to go to convert.  The silver lining is that there’s no where to go but up. But I am not hopeful we’ll see drastic improvement because as with Rhule, we have a large enough sample size for McAdoo that says he’s not competent. It would probably be more like getting the passing attack to 25th-ish in the league instead of 31st (the Bears are somehow worse). But that may be enough to get us to that 5-6 win territory with how our running game and defense look. 
    • Trevor and @Mr. Scot, here are the statistical placements in the NFL of Rivera's Carolina defenses, 2011-2019, with regard to Points Against and Yards Against.  I got this information from pro-football-reference.com starting with the 2011 season here: 2011 NFL Opposition & Defensive Statistics | Pro-Football-Reference.com 2011 - Points Against (or Surrendered) 27th in the NFL; Yards Against (or Surrendered) 28th in the NFL 2012 - PA 18th; YA 10th 2013 - PA 2nd; YA 2nd 2014 - PA 21st; YA 10th 2015 - PA 6th; YA 6th 2016 - PA 26th; YA 21st 2017 - PA 11th; YA 7th 2018 - PA 19th; YA 15th 2019 - PA 31st; YA 23rd Average placement for Carolina defense in the NFL 2011-2019 - PA 18th; YA 14th As I said, a couple of elite seasons, a couple of putrid ones, all others dead average and, when every season's rank is added and averaged, yet again pretty dead average.  Which is why I to this day remain confused at the MYTH of MoRon Rivera regularly having elite defenses during his time at Carolina. Cuz it just ain't true.
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