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Official NFC Championship Game Thread

Jeremy Igo

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1 minute ago, whatever said:

They do. The Panthers are having one of, if not the most, dominant seasons in the history of the NFL(the 85 Bears and the 72 Dolphins are the only other teams even in the conversation). But you'd never know it by reading these game threads.

we have the some great players in key positions...let not say the coaches, coach like this game in game and out all 4 qtrs...

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I am numb. Wow  this is when all cylinders are clicking. We can beat anyone. This is only the beginning guys. It is just the beginning. Suck it Saints fans. We know you are in misery watching this. It's our time now. Get used to it NFC SOUTH, NFC and NFL. 

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    • I think we are underselling how much Tepper buying the team impacted Rivera. Cam recently said that the whole vibe changed and that suddenly the players had no voice with the owner. 
    • Fire Fitterer and Reich. Promote Morgan and Evero. 
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