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Official NFC Championship Game Thread

Jeremy Igo

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    • I realize that tweet was over three games, my response was you are probably judging AVT based on the one game you saw, you probably didnt' even watch the other two games. Speaking of AVT, what is his pass rush grade?  You keep dodging that point because it goes against the narrative of what you are trying to spread.  They actually agree with you that he is bad.   In regards to their rushing grade, their actual YPC for their RBs is around 3.8 which is higher than ours.  The number you are quoting is probably including sacks.  So does that mean their O-line is blocking better than ours or is CMC overated? Speaking of sacks how many of those are Wilson's fault?  How quickly is Wilson getting the ball out?  Sam and the play calling is helping our line tremendously.   We've gone over all of this before.  What about the TEs?  What is their pass block and run block grade?  How often do they run 2 TE sets?  All of this factors in. Also scoring above 50 doesn't mean PFF thinks they are playing well.    
    • Yes.  And double teams, which happen every play, are hard to account for as well. Paradis spent the jets game double teaming with Daley while Elflien was left on an island with QWilliams,  the jets best D linemen, essentially, their Derrick Brown, but with better stats. In the end, PFF scores for that Jets oline are not in sync with the jets performance.  It just isn't.  There is no way  to sugar coat it.  Anyone watching the 5 sack shutout/beat down Bronco game last Sunday with Wilson running for his life cannot stand there and tell me that the run blocking was pretty good.  NO IT WASN'T.  They couldn't run the ball either. The jets OL pff scores should not be higher than ours.  They just shouldn't.  I know it.  The NFL knows it.  Jets fans know it.  Zach Wilson knows it...and we should know it.    
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