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What Broncos Fans Are Saying

Jeremy Igo

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2 minutes ago, CarolinaSunday said:

Guys -- we apparently didn't BEAT the vaunted Seattle and Cardinals! They just both magically decided to implode when the Panthers played them! Well, thanks Seattle and Cardinals!

But the Steelers were better with their 3rd string rb and w/o Antonio Brown. Imagine how much worse the Pats would have been with all those starting O-linemen that was injured.  Of course the Broncos had a tougher run in the play-offs

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6 minutes ago, CarolinaSunday said:

I'm 33 years old and have been connected to the internet since I was 8 years old. I'm pretty sure I've never read a more stupid statement than this from the Orange Mane forum:

I'm sorry but did you seriously just say Carolina had a tougher schedule in the playoffs? I mean yeah, in theory. In reality their opponents imploded and all but handed them their Super Bowl trip on a silver platter. If you think facing Arizona with Carson Palmer, who was playing as bad as any QB I've ever seen, was tougher than facing the Patriots with Tom Brady, you have serious brain damage.


Dear Denver Broncos,

Please make final preparations for your implosion approximately 20 hours from now.


Carolina Panthers

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Did I literally just read that Pittsburg (with a hurt Big Ben, no AB, and 3rd string RB) and NE (decimated O-line, no running game, same team that got smashed by the Dolphins to lose home field) were a tougher playoff schedule than the Seahakws and Cards (whom a lot of people pegged as superbowl favorites?). Holy hell, I understand being a fanatic and how we can go overboard rooting for our teams, but that sh*t is borderline retarded. And then they say that Cam (who is the damn MVP of the league) isn't smart enough to beat their defense? Is this real life?

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12 hours ago, MadHatter said:

It went to poo when you and all of the other Bronco cockroaches showed up.  Leave and we can get back to intelligent conversation.   Stay and we have to dumb down everything and listen to ignorant statement from you insects.

try and remember this is just tv time entertainment. Dont waste your emotion on it.

 Odds are you wont be too happy afterwords

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Denver doesn't have a QB who acts as if he is the whole team and sole reason the Broncos are in the SB.

there is no "i" in team, but there is a "me me me" in cam newton.

newton's ego is out of control. he needs to get has ass whupped today and learn a lesson from that ass whupping.

I just love keeping this going

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13 minutes ago, Chris1 said:

How many people picked Seattle or Arizona to be the NFC Champions last month?

If we really aren't as good as our record one of them would be playing for the championship right now instead of us, right?!?

Whatever happened to those Seattle fans that booked flights to Arizona?

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