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What Broncos Fans Are Saying

Jeremy Igo

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Like how you point to Denver's D being built to defeat NE, that's a great point.  Only way this is a close game is if we make a ton of mistakes.  Peyton can't throw ball more than 8 yards and when he does it's like the ball is flying in slow motion.  I feel like our D is going to have a field day and our running game is going to put the game out of reach early.  Go Panthers, KEEP POUNDING!


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X's and O's kinda show a blowout. They have their storylines and so do we. But from a football perspective, everything seems to stack up against Denver.

Now obviously they have to play the game but I don't see our players being anything other than laser focused come game day. I also expect them to be very loose tonight at media day. Letting their personality shine.

All signs point to a very enjoyable game for us Panthers fans.

Panthers 34-17. We do turn the ball over once or twice but it will be inconsequential.

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IMO... There are a lot of Panthers Players that will prolly not be on the team next year... or a Team at all... So.. I have a Feeling they are going to go all out to the point of pushing themselves harder than ever to get that ring...even the players on IR are going to teach as much as they can and coach them.   Allen, Tillman (IR), Harper, Cotchery, just to name a few are prolly gone next year. Also.. look at the other players... Davis, Kalil, Olsen, Anderson, CJ, Oher... they prolly only got 2-3 years left... Might as well give it all you got to get that ring.

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That pass rush won't help when we're running the ball down their throat, can anyone name their ILB's? I know I can't and I'm an NFL junkie. They'll have to pull the safeties down into the box for run support and you know what happens next...

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    • For us in particular I don’t think either is a good option. Both Howell and Pickett seem like better fits. Howell has shown that he can do it all, now he just needs to do it all at one time. Pickett on the other hand could be a late boomer or he could have taken advantage of being the most experienced player in the ACC. Regardless, both can start right away. I just don’t think either is going to be a top 10 QB at anytime in this league. Willis and Strong probably both need to sit for different reasons. Also, Strong very well could have a great career. Eli Manning did and he’s as unathletic as they come. You just have to wonder about Strong’s ability to process a defense with his lack of athleticism to by him time. The game will move much quicker in the NFL than it does in the Mountain West. I think a good example is watching his tape against Kansas State. He had a decent game but the game moved much quicker for him and he doesn’t have the athleticism to make up for it. Then you watch Willis play Virginia Tech and you see that he’s raw and erratic but he’s so athletic that he can make up for it even playing at a high level. Pro’s and cons to both if those guys but both need to sit.
    • One thing is for certain; whatever move Rhule makes will be the wrong one 
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