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A Josh Norman holdout looming?

Jeremy Igo

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There has been some chatter about a possible Josh Norman holdout this year. As someone who has spent a good amount of time speaking with Josh over the past year, I thought I would chime in with my two cents. 

Josh has not signed his tender, does that mean he is holding out?

No, it means he has not signed his tender. He has until July 15 to sign. 

Why would he not sign his tender?

Signing the tender would all but erase any leverage he currently has in negotiations for a long term contract. 

Will Josh miss Offseason Team Activities (OTAs)

Very possible, although the first weeks of OTAs are not mandatory to begin with. The Panthers have had 100% full voluntary participation for several seasons now (except for rookies finishing school who were not permitted to attend). Josh could very well end that streak. 

If he misses OTA's, isn't that a holdout? 

Technically, no. As Josh has not signed his tender he is not under contract. You cannot holdout from a contract that does not exist. 

OK, so when will we know if Josh is holding out?

You will know at the start of training camp. Long time Panthers fans remember the panic surrounding Jon Beason and his brief holdout. It happens. 

But hasn't Josh promised not to hold out? 

I have heard this said, but I have seen no quotations on him saying it. 

It looks like it all stems from this good Jonathan Jones piece in the observer. Jones says... 


Norman put two ideas to rest in the Friday interview. The first is the specter of a training camp holdout if he and the team don’t reach a long-term agreement by July 15. A holdout, he said, would do nothing for his contract situation or his teammates.

 but there is no Josh Norman quotation given from what I could find. 

So language becomes a big factor here. Did Josh Norman say he had no plans on holding out? Well, plans change. That is not a promise. Did Norman simply say "a holdout would do nothing for my contract situation or my team"? Well, thats not a promise either. That is a really nice PC answer that would not create more tension in contract negotiations between parties. 

OK, Igo, enough with the talk. Do you feel Josh will holdout? 

Yes, it could happen. 

Best case scenario is Josh and the Panthers come to a long term agreement. This is unlikely as they have been worlds apart on numbers starting last season. 

Worst case scenerio? No deal is reached, Norman holds out into the season. Again, unlikely as this will hurt both parties involved. 

So, what we have here is an old fashioned staring contest, Gettleman vs Norman. You know how competitive and "win at all cost" Josh Norman is on the field, well, that applies to every aspect of his life as well. 

Therefore, some sort of holdout into training camp is a definite possibility. I have spoken in depth with Josh over what this next contract means to him. You cannot overstate how important he feels it is, and I can see where he is coming from. I honestly would not blame him for doing anything he can possibly do to land an acceptable long term deal. This is why the business side of football is not televised... it isn't enjoyable to watch. 



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He isn't getting the kind of money he says he wants ( he said franchise QB type money at one time). If he thinks the 'Godfather' will fold to his demands, he is sadly mistaken. If this keeps up, look for D.G to draft his replacement early. Everyone can be replaced no matter the situation.

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This is why I think that a deal does get done, and a hold out is minimal:  TIME.

Norman is 28 years old.  Now he doesn't have the mileage of a guy like Patrick Peterson, but there are some realities on the body, especially with football players.  Time will push both sides to some kind of agreement, even if it's simply the 1 year tender.

Next year, Josh could be a 29 year old FA CB.  He's got to know by now that Gettleman is a value heavy decision maker.  If he has no intention of signing Josh to a 6 year $76 million dollar contract now, what's it going to be next year?  Also, guy who hold out, how often do their season end up derailing?  Does either Norman or Gettleman want to lose a season to squabbling?

Who will blink first?  Who knows.  At the end of the day, Gettleman is going to make his choice and Norman can accept it or see what fighting gets him.  I don't think it's going to get him what he wants.

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Would anyone here be satisfied if someone else signed him to a long-term deal and we settled for the two first round picks?

Edit: I should answer my own question, I guess.

If Josh could get the money he wants and we could get two firsts, I think I'd be okay with it. Tough to lose a talent like him, but that's life. And he won't get franchised again. I'd rather get something for him than just a potential compensatory pick.

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This dude is just enjoying the offseason right now, and I don't blame him. 

He's been all over the BR Team Stream app vacationing, at the Batman vs Superman premiere in New York, etc.  

He won't hold out and he's stated he won't.  I think he'll sign the tender and worry about the future eventually.  

Josh is enjoying the offseason as any of us would.  

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Just now, dldove77 said:

Would anyone here be satisfied if someone else signed him to a long-term deal and we settled for the two first round picks?

Yes. Josh is an awesome dude but i just dont see us giving him long term big money. Guys like kk, trai and possibly kony just have way more room for long term production.

Ive also liked the quality backups weve had the past few years.  Id hate to see a high paid superstar get injured or suspended and have it cripple the team.

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I told y'all he was gonna hold-out. I hate saying "I told you so."

if he's holding-out, it's because he's worried about being injured or having a poor showing. 

He's not worth his asking price...there's no way around it. There's just no way that he gets a Kuechlyesque contract, that would hamstring us for re-signing Short and any other player that is considered as a core player on this team.

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