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About those corners...

Jeremy Igo

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23 minutes ago, tiger7_88 said:

I don't see a single one of the OTs listed above as a significant improvement over what can be found in the UDFA field or as a post-May 11 FA signee or after training camp cuts IMO.

It was Haeg I quite liked, and we'd met with him.  I thought he seemed like he could become good depth.  But I confess I'm no draft scout... perhaps the dropoff from someline like him and the OTs remaining on the board who are now UDFAs is not as great as I realized.

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On 5/1/2016 at 8:52 AM, raleigh-panther said:

I dont really care who he drafted or what position they are or how they are ranked by some sports reporter 

Four  questions worth asking

1. How does a GM let an All Pro walk and get nothing?  Nada. Zero. Zip  an additional second or third round pick could have made a lot of difference this year

2.  How did anything done during this draft make the Panthers one bit better against premier defenses   Seems to me the defensive backfield wasn't the reason for that super bowl loss or the beating Newton took from Atlanta   Speed against slow tackles, kills

3.  Aging and injury prone RB with third stringers behind them and an aging center in constract year

4  edge rushers

If he finds a replacement for Norman, good for him but giving away an All Pro and getting nothing for it, not smart and then the ancillary impact of wasting not two but three draft picks to fill the void.  This  offense needs upgrades.  Gettlemen would do well to consider Newton's replacement in two years as his body can't take the beating he is getting


1. The Josh Norman situation was unfortunate,  for sure,  but sometimes poo just happens.  When the process began,  it was assumed that the parties involved could come to an agreement,  but as time went on,  it became evident that the financial expectations of each party were just too different to lead to a long term deal.  It's that simple.  Had Norman signed his tag,  he would be here,  but he didn't,  Gettleman had time to think about the seemingly irreconcilable differences,  and the rest is history.  At the end of the day,  we will end up with a third round pick for next year's draft.  Sometimes patience and delayed gratification leads to a better overall outcome. 

2. All the offensive tackles worth drafting that could have made an immediate impact on the line were gone by our first pick. 

The return of Benjamin and hopeful emergence of Hill, as well as the continuing evolution of Funchess will make a big difference against premiere defenses.  Hell,  we did pretty well last year without Benjamin and Hill.  Moreover,  the addition of Sandland---who legitimately has starter traits and will learn from one of the best---should not be understated.  He isn't  chopped liver,  he just didn't have the typical college experience because he had to make moves to get on the NFL's radar.  He ultimately had a damned good year at Montana and caught the eye of scout extraordinaire,  Dave Gettleman. Sandland will give Cam another outlet to relieve some of that pocket pressure.  

And lastly,  you have Garrett who is very much a wildcard that could prove to be a matchup nightmare by himself,  but could certainly cause problems playing with the other towers that we have at the WR position who will demand coverage. 

3. I think it's presumptuous of you to refer to CAP and Wegher as third stringers.  And sure Stew is aging and has had mainly one injury problem,  but he has still been a very productive back through the years,  and continues to be a top back at breaking tackles in the league.  Don't throw dirt on him yet,  and don't presume that we don't have legitimate and capable backups.  CAP should have flashed just enough last year to at least leave questions as to whether he could start (in a good way),  and that was probably why he was drafted in the first place. Wegher---much like Sandland and Mayo---took a roundabout way to the pros,  but he has starter's traits just like they do. 

4. Ealy has graduated to run with the big dogs of the league.  I only expect him to get better. CJ is already a big dog,  and I wouldn't bet against him not returning to form.  It's funny what being healthy does for a man's productivity. Don't sleep on him, and don't sleep on Delaire, Miley, and Cox. We are not bereft of talent on the edge. 

Stop listening to draft season narratives.  Gettleman knows our team and situation better than anyone else.  Obviously he felt better about our RB and DE situation than pundits would lead you to believe.  And, by the way,  I personally found it kind of odd that all of a sudden everyone and their mama were exclaiming that we needed RBs and DEs, but that's just a byproduct of draft season.  Media pundits have to create narratives,  even if those narratives don't really have much depth and reflect a lack of intimate understanding. Moreover, even most of the talking heads didn't even really list OT as a priority need (not that we could have done a lot about it this draft anyway). Our O-line did well overall last year, and the experience will hopefully lead to better things this year. Sure, Norman getting away wasn't a great feeling,  but we now have three corners---two with Gettleman second round grades---that I predict will make Norman's departure little more than a fleeting memory by the end of November. We also got a legit playmaker in the fifth round who would have been drafted higher but for his size,  and sometimes the little guys with the Napoleon Complex make  huge impacts come game days. We already know that we have huge receivers who wil be squarely in the fray with the ability to change games,  and we just added to them.  The Panthers aren't going anywhere.  We will be right there come January. The future is bright. 




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fans conveniently forget the reason we are picking so late is because we are stacked.  why are we stacked?  because the panthers have done this fuging draft thing real good like.  look at our last 4 or 5 drafts.  we have drafted more bonafide superstars on D than we have had guys that didn't pan out.  i like our odds of finding another superstar.  do that and this draft is a huge success.  

and i could really give zero fugs where any of our guys were rated by the analysts.  the analysts have consistently given the panthers average draft ratings.  by now we should all be recognizing a trend.  

the panther FO and staff know how to assess talent.  there are organizations in the nfl that really blow at it.  we should all be thankful we are not them right now.  

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have to admit I was wondering if maybe Hurney was impersonating Getty, couldn't figure out what he was doing and I know he's the best dang GM in the League. 

Then I figured out exactly what J said in this post... He's getting guys that will thrive IN OUR SYSTEM. Those so-called "experts" who grade our draft as a C or worse have no freaking clue how to build a team for sustained success.. 


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I agree, and if you want to know how accurate these sites actually are, then take a look at them after the draft.  It is about perspective too.  Bradberry was not a 4th rounder we took in the second, he was a second rounder these sites predicted would be taken in the 4th--they were wrong, not the Panthers.

And they cant possibly know fits--when I saw some sites projecting Bullard to us as a DE, I realized that they know nothing.

Michelin "Firestalker" 165, blah blah may be the best tire for a mid-sized SUV, but not for a Honda Accord.  Yet these sites are rating the tires without knowing what kind of vehicle they are for--crazy, really.

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6 minutes ago, csx said:

I for one am excited about the influx of secondary talent. If they pan out it should be fun to watch for a while.

recent history has shown that there is a better chance at least one of them turns into a full-time starter than any one of them not panning out.  i expect the competition in camp will be strong this year for the corners. 

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Gettleman said it best. Too many times teams draft guys off of talent alone, instead of actually drafting players to fit their system, which is why you see so many top picks flame out at certain teams because they aren't playing in the right scheme or being asked to do something they aren't comfortable with. We are one of the few lucky teams to ACTUALLY have a system in place and Gettleman/Rivera knows exactly which type of players they want to mold. They want big, SMART, and willing to learn guys to play here.



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I choose to, in Gettleman's own words, trust his "ample gut." Guy is simply the shrewdest GM I the NFL. 

What a novel concept...drafting players that actually fit in your system and grading them accordingly. Meanwhile Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa look like they draft based on what Mel Kiper says. 

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3 hours ago, The_Rainmaker said:

I liked the picks ,DG basically said he didn't want a revolving door in the secondary anymore(press conf.)! Based on the draft strategy we should see it apply to the OL next year,I don't want to hear all the good lineman are gone it's s reach a now, just find the system player. 

Dave has said this over and over, OL is about continuity....not individual talent. We have seen many offensive lines that suck even tho a pro bowler or two were part of the line.

There is no golden egg, and likely never will be, in any draft that can take on a motivated Von Miller one on one! We need a viable 2 TE set for that......well, what do you know...it looks as if Dave is trying to upgrade that spot!

People need to drop the "Omg! We got exposed in Super Bowl" attitude. Like most all young, early rising dynasties, we got our butts whipped cause the moment was too big. Handled properly, that SB loss made the Panthers a much better team than any draft pick ever could

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