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1 hour ago, Xtreme said:

I did have to buy toilet paper since everyone is hoarding it. Who knows how long before all stores are out? Might take weeks to restock. One thing I've found that works in case I run out. Handheld shower head on massage. Cleans it right up then shower normally :shades:

Is the massage setting really necessary or just a personal choice?

asking for a friend

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People dont want to leave their homes but need supplies.  UPS and other delivery company's bout to get wrecked as long as there is enough supplies.  Be sure to wave and smile at me while I drop off your stuff in my brown hazmat suit!



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Charles doesnt have it. Coronavirus is only a high fever that happens all a sudden. The flu will make you tired and make you really fatigue and then a day in or 2 you will have a high fever and itll break and you gradually feel better. If he is just feeling ill he either has a cold or flu. But regardless Im happy he is taking the proper steps. Saying Im not feelin well doesnt really say much. If his body is aching he probably has a flu type B

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23 hours ago, Shocker said:

Hate you'll miss that New Kids On The Block reunion.

Back Street Boys, get your facts straight!


Seriously, it was Adam Sandler.   Supposedly only postponed, but it wouldn't shock me if it's eventually cancelled .

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