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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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23 minutes ago, TheRumGone said:

We will get through this. I hope this is a big solidarity moment for America. You already see people in more advantageous situations helping less fortunate people. That needs to continue. Donate to your local charities, food drives, ect. The stronger the less fortunate of us are the better the country will be.


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15 minutes ago, bull123 said:

i told my mother to quit watching cnn & msdnc...they are both telling us all that if you are a senior, its over for you

Foxnews caters to their audience also and to their advertisers.

None of them are pure dispensers of news.  There are no dollars in that.

Anyway, this discussion is about the virus, not political stuff.

Our church is now being streamed.  Maybe suggest to your group that it might be a good idea

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I think as each area of the country is touched more with the virus, these type gatherings will decrease.

Folks in Seattle, will obviously be more cautious than someone in Nebraska, but it is probably better that Nebraska learn on the front end, so to speak.

NC, I think has 15 confirmed cases, but we need to act like it is 100 times more, before that becomes a reality

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10 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:


This is America!


Friend texted me a pic of the local indoor trampoline park parking lot after he went grocery shopping. It was PACKED. Some people will only learn if someone close to them dies. It’s why I went to quarantine last weekend after I stocked up. Because I know there are tons of idiots in America. Don’t lose hope though, there are millions of Americans doing the right thing.

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America is not used to "staying home", not anymore.  Some people will be very responsible, but there will be some that will have to find stores closed before they quit venturing out.  Some stores are limiting hours already, some are closing.  Short term sales are not worth long term closures.

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