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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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Looks like this shifted rather quickly from information and discussion about the coronavirus to just littering casual xenophobia. There is a specific subforum here for you to litter that rhetoric if that's how you want to spend your weekend.

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9 hours ago, The Huddler said:

i used to have a drinking problem, I overcame it, got through nursing school, and now work as a psychiatric/detox nurse to help others that have the same problem I had.   If anyone can relate to these patients and not treat them as inmates, its me  

kiss my ass

Never knew you overcame it.  Your ass has been kissed.  Props. 

edit*Also, kinda of sh*t comment on my end so apologies and respect brother. 

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18 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:

What kind of consequences?

They should be roundly roasted on internet message boards and in social media.  In the end, that is really all that will happen.  

Not that the average Chinese citizen would ever know as access to a lot of social media is blocked.  

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42 minutes ago, SpeedOFLight said:

A lot of people work from home such as myself. A lot of companies are now offering to let people work and home when they normally would be in the office because of this situation 

I also work from home.  My employer has spent a lot of time and money building up excess capacity for working from home, in part for situations just like this.  Guess we are about to find out how well it works.  

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Just now, Davidson Deac II said:

Some of the criticism of China is a bit overblown.  This could happen anywhere. Places like China and India are more likely due to population density, but it could still happen in other places. Even in the US.   

There's a reason why novel coronaviruses for the past two decades or more continue to be largely traced back to Chinese wet markets. It's not a condemnation of China or the Chinese people as a whole, but the way those wet markets work with a smorgasbord of everything that walks, crawls, or flies being housed in very close proximity and slaughtered in the open gives these viruses the ideal environment they need to cross the species barrier and ultimately infect humanity. There's more than enough evidence at this point to show that these things are a global health hazard and that evidence existed before COVID-19. Once we get over this one there needs to be SERIOUS international pressure on China to shut down these wet markets.

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1 hour ago, Happy Panther said:

Half right. I started my own firm 10 years ago. Last year I sold off 75% of it allowing me to be off from May - December. 

But I do live with a wife, 2 kids, a dog and some cats. 

That's my point how are you safe at home when your kids have school and your wife has a job?

Nobody is going to sit at home everyday for 2 months. At some point you're going to want to go out and have family night.

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