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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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2 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

Thanks man.  I just love how the passive anti-American sh*t gets such an easy pass around here.  So yeah, that was my contribution.

We have millions of uninsured Americans in this country. And millions more with poo insurance that bankrupts them.  I’m pro American that’s why I give a poo.

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55 minutes ago, Ja Rhule said:

Also, I think China completely bs their info.. Italy 24k infected 2k dead.  China 80k infected 3k dead?  Since when China has better healthcare than Europe? 

A) China is far more draconian about quarantine than Europe.

B) China is also not reporting their real numbers or letting the outside world see how bad it is in many places according to Chinese national coworkers with family there. 

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43 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

Germany has almost single handedly destroyed the world and civilization twice yet the country is always an innovative, well managed, and brilliant global leader. Crazy. 

I'd say 3 - at least from an european perspective. 

Germany has NOT been brilliant in handling this comparing to other european countries. They have been a step or 2 behind just as Sweden.

Well managed? yeah, Germany used to be the flag ship, but Frau Merkel blew it. Her party is getting hammered by the german voters, and other countries are laughing at her naive leadership. She plays a huge part in why UK was leaving the union which is slowly dying. You'll se by the next bundestagwahl latest in 2021 - she is done!

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    • I loved Meyer at OSU but I think he is way over his head in the NFL and Jacksonville is the NYJ south. They could destroy him before they ever dump Meyer. 
    • It seemed on par with the Joe Burrow talk in 2020. 
    • Teddy's in a great place for him - somewhere with a high-quality defense, some other offensive talent to do the heavy lifting, and that has been starved of even reasonable QB play for so long that his low-risk, high-percentage style looks amazing. It helps a lot that they've played the Division 2 of the NFL so far but with that defense Denver might sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card (assuming the Chiefs wake the hell up) and bow out in the first or second round a la Alex Smith as the peak. For Denver fans, that will be amazing this year. No question though that Carolina is better off and I still speculate that Teddy drank his own Kool Aid and needed a dose of humility that he likely got after last season. He never should have been brought to Carolina in the first place but what's done is done and everyone is better off with him elsewhere. Sam is looking cautiously promising with plenty still to prove. it's encouraging that he seems to have already made some strides vs last year in NY.
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